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Canada Babywearing Groups
Find wrap help & resources near you!

Ottawa Babywearing Group Get-together

Central Alberta: Central Alberta Babywearers on Facebook
We strive to promote healthy and safe babywearing in our community. Want to try out different carriers? Need help using your carrier? Join us for our babywearing get-togethers.
Learn more about the different kinds of carriers and meet other parents who wear their babies. A place for Central Alberta parents to buy, sell or trade baby carriers. 

Calgary AB: Babywearing Calgary on Facebook
Our focus is to offer a like minded space to meet up, learn and teach safe and comfortable babywearing to parents, grandparents, caregivers, babysitters and anyone who is interested in babywearing. We always welcome new people to come learn about the art of babywearing... Or, if you're an experienced babywearer, please come to offer insight and help newbie babywearers.
We run a fantastic lending library, which is available to all our members. As well as a large active facebook group, We have official monthly meetings to which both members and non-members are welcome to attend. We also hold other types of social outings, workshops, park playdates, mall walks, coffee/tea meets, and more!

Edmonton AB: Edmonton Babywearers on Facebook
This is a group for those who live in Edmonton and/or the surrounding area, who have an interest in babywearing, or want to learn about babywearing.

Rocky Mountain House AB: Rocky Mountain House Babywearers on Facebook
We are located in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.
We are a group that strives to teach how to babywear safely. Please keep out the drama. If you have any questions about carriers or how to wrap feel free to ask!

Lethbridge AB: Bridge City Slingers - Lethbridge Babywearers
This is a group for all of Lethbridge and area babywearers to meet! The purpose of the group and meetings are to join like minded mamas and learn about the art of babywearing. Or, if you're an experienced babywearer, please come to offer insight and help newbie babywearers.

Taber AB: Taber Babywearers on Facebook and on the web
Taber Babywearers is for all of the local babywearing mom`s who just need to get out of the house and visit with other mom`s. It`s somewhere to talk about whatever it is you need to talk about.

Kamloops BC: Babywearing Kamloops on Facebook
A group for Parents living in the Kamloops area who are interested in Babywearing. Please join to learn more about the wonderful world of babywearing, to meet local moms who wear their little ones, and to learn and share knowledge.

Okanagan BC: Babywearing Okanagan on Facebook
A group for Parents living in the Okanagan who are interested in Babywearing. Please join to learn more about the wonderful world of babywearing, to meet local moms who wear their little ones, and to learn and share knowledge.
We are a new group, but were working hard to: schedule bi-weekly meet-ups, gather a lending library, and offer resources related to babywearing.

Vancouver BC: Babywearing from the Valley to Vancouver on Facebook

Victoria BC: Victoria Babywearers on Facebook
Welcome to the wonderful community of Victoria's Babywearers.
Post photos, ask questions about babywearing, share your stories and experiences. Most of all, respect and be kind to one another. We welcome all babywearers, those curious to learn, and those who are experts! We are here to build a community for all to share, support, create awareness and promote safe babywearing.

Winnipeg MB: Winnipeg Babywearers
We are a group that helps parents and care providers from Winnipeg and surrounding areas with baby carriers. If you request to join and do not live in Winnipeg or within 100km of Winnipeg (or your privacy settings don't allow us to see where you live on your profile), please send a private message to an admin explaining why you are requesting to join.
We meet once a month on the 3rd Friday in the basement of Earl Grey Community Centre from 10 am to 12:30 pm.  We have a carrier library from which people can borrow carriers by the month.

St John's NL: Babywearing Newfoundland and Labrador on Facebook
We are a community group with a focus on all things babywearing. Our mission is to provide a safe place to share our enthusiasm and love of wearing our babies, while providing support and information for new and seasoned babywearers alike. We welcome new members to join us on our Facebook page for lively conversation as well as details on local Sling Meets and our local Sling Library.

Halifax NS: Halifax and Area Babywearers on Facebook
A support and resource group for parents who are interested in learning about the benefits of wearing their children. Blog:

Barrie ON: Barrie Babywearers on Facebook
Welcome to the Barrie Babywearing Group, a place for families in Barrie who are interested in the art of Babywearing.
We will meet monthly to try various types of carriers, get help with the ones you own, and enjoy the company of other parents and caregivers.
We also are a place for selling/trading/buying baby carriers that are classified as SAFE.

Brantford ON: Brantford Babywearers on Facebook
Welcome to the Brantford Babywearers. We are a group of Babywearing Moms who exchange information on Safe and Comfortable Babywearing. Please take a moment to scan the files when you become a member. If you are interested in Buying or Selling read the document on Buying and Selling. Also if you are interested in the Lending Library please read those documents as well. Thank you!

Collingwood ON: Collingwood Babywearers on Facebook
Welcome to the Collingwood Baby Wearers, where parents in the Collingwood, Wasaga Beach and area can come together. We are here to support, provide information and even get out and about while wearing sweet smooshy babies (and toddlers). We are a safe place to learn, challenge and enjoy baby wearing.

Fort Frances ON: Fort Frances Babywearers on Facebook
A group for Parents and Caregivers living in the Fort Frances Area who are interested in Babywearing. Please join to learn more about the wonderful world of babywearing, to meet local moms (and dads) who wear their little ones, and to learn and share knowledge.
We are a new group, but were working hard to: schedule monthly meet-ups, gather a lending library, and offer resources related to babywearing.

Halton-Peel ON: Halton Peel Babywearers on Facebook
Welcome Babywearers in Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Burlington and surrounding areas!
We are a small group of babywearing parents with a goal of sharing our knowledge, mothering our babies through attachment, and learning new carries each month! We meet the second Monday of the month, and all are welcome...

Hamilton ONHamilton Babywearers on Facebook
The Hamilton Babywearing Club is a playgroup for moms and tots in the Hamilton area who are interested in the art of babywearing. With monthly workshops, try various types of slings, get help with the ones you own, and enjoy the company of other parents and caregivers. Let's get together to celebrate carrying our babies close to our hearts.

Hamilton ON:  Local lending library on Facebook
This is a babywearing group for those moms who would like to try different carriers and wraps without having to purchase!
We are looking for mommas willing to lend out or temporarily trade carriers, who would like to also borrow carriers to try!

Kingston ON: Kingston Area Babywearering Group on Facebook
The KABG will be an opportunity for seasoned babywearers to share what they know, for new/prospective babywearers to learn all about it, and for everyone to learn about new and different carriers, share their babywearing experiences, and get to know other babywearers in the area!
Safety will always be paramount, and meetings will focus on fun, comfortable, and SAFE ways to wear your baby, toddler, or young child.
It is my hope that we will be ambassadors for babywearing in our communities, and will spread the babywearing love wherever we are seen wearing our babies!

Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge ON: KWC Babywearing on Facebook
KWC Babywearing Group is an information and support group for parents interested in learning to use fabric baby carriers. We offer support and instruction as you learn to wear your baby with a variety of carriers. By doing demonstrations and offering a library of carriers we hope to spread the word about the benefits of babywearing for both you and your child.

London ON: London Babywearers on Facebook
Feel free to post your wraps and carriers for sale, ask a question, or just show off your newest Uppie. New members are welcome!

North Bay ON: North Bay Babywearers on Facebook
A group for babywearers from North Bay, Ontario and the surrounding area, whether you're experienced, getting started or just thinking about it.

Ottawa ON: Ottawa Babywearing Group and on Facebook
We are a local community group with a focus on all things babywearing. We have regular meets where parents can learn more about babywearing in all its shapes and styles. Our Facebook group is a lively space where members share a love and enthusiasm for wearing their babies as well as share expertise and experience. The Ottawa Babywearing Group is a great space for finding a local used carrier at a great price, or maybe just borrowing one for a trial. We welcome all new members

Ottawa ON: BWIC Ottawa Babywearing Group on Facebook and on MeetUp
Active since January 2009, our focus is on learning and community.  We meet through the year, for picnics in the park, babywearing walks, and playgroups.  We love nothing better to sit, share our babywearing experiences with other parents in my community, and create a safe space for parents to share themselves and get the support they need.

Peel ON: Babywearers of Peel Region and Surrounding Areas on Facebook
Whether you're new to baby wearing, or experienced this is the place to ask questions, share ideas and learn together about baby wearing and wrapping.

Peterborough ON: Peterborough Babywearers on Facebook
A babywearing group for Peterborough and the Kawarthas and surrounding areas. The group organizes local meetups to meet other babywearers, try out carriers, and get advice, and also provides an online space to chat, ask questions, share photos, and buy/sell/trade carriers.

Renfrew County ON: Renfrew County Baby Wearing Group
If you are new to baby wearing I will try my best to help you out or direct you to those who can. I try to plan monthly meet ups for us to gather ad learn from each other.

Sault Ste. Marie ON: Babywearing of Algoma on Facebook
We have just started a small lending library and have monthly meetups to chat and show each other new carries and carriers. We would love for more mamas to join us!

Sudburry ON: Sudbury Babywearing Group on Facebook
Babywearing can be the best way to connect with your children, give your newborn your skin to skin touch, soothe a fussy lil’ one, and keep our babes close to us. Most of us love to share what we know, show off our new cloth, and get new babywearers excited about the art!

Thunder Bay ON: Thunder Bay Babywearers on Facebook
Thunder Bay Babywearers is an unregistered not-for-profit group dedicated to increasing awareness of the benefits of baby wearing, as well as proper technique. Our goal is to provide Thunder Bay families with the resources, information, and training they need to wear their babies to the greatest effect.

Toronto ONCarry Me Close on Facebook
Toronto and Ontario Babywearers coming together to chat all things babywearing. Slings, mei tais, ring slings, wraparounds, etc.

Saskatoon SK: Saskatoon Babywearers on Facebook
Saskatoon Babywearers is a group dedicated to promoting safe and effective baby carriers. While babywearing has been practiced for centuries, modern parents can still enjoy the convenience and bonding that comes from having your baby close to you throughout the day.

Montreal QB: Marsupial Montreal and on Facebook
Welcome to the exciting world of Babywearing. Come to our regular meetups to learn and borrow carriers, slings and wraps.
Nouveau parent, parent de plusieurs ou même en attente, l'ajustement n'est pas toujours facile n'est-ce pas? Bienvenue au monde du portage, vous verrez, bientôt, ça le deviendra. Educateurs et professionel de la santé, le portage est aussi pour vous!

I am happy to ship to Canadian customers!

When you buy a wrap from my store, tell your
group leader that I will give a credit to your
babywearing group
towards a lending library wrap.

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