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Wrapping for Vaccinations

Any stressful event is an opportunity to see if babywearing can be a tool to help you offer comfort to your little ones. Some moms who choose to vaccinate their babies or toddlers have found that wrapping has made it go smoothly and without upset.  Samantha has some experience with this and offered both this […]

Wrapping Around a Nursing Baby

I love a good meeting of the moms!  Some of the best people are moms!  And babies, too, of course! Today we got together to play with wraps.  Sam videotaped Tara and I getting her charming little 10 month old wrapped up while nursing.  I rarely do a cradle carry, but when my baby (or […]

Chunei Carry Tied Under Bottom

Don’t be fooled, the Chunei Back Carry is another name for the more descriptive Double Hammock Carry.  And this version feels just as snug, secure, and supportive to me, but you can do it with a shorter wrap. With Summer peaking around the corner, a lot of us like to start using shorter wraps–less fabric […]

Hip Cross for the Playground

The Hip Cross Carry is easy, fast, and poppable. Great for little babies or toddlers, especially for shorter periods and when there will be a lot of getting in and out, such as when running several errands and switching from wrap to carseat. Or, as in this video, at the playground with a baby:  

Keep Baby Under Your Chin

The Front Cross Carry is perfect for lots of ins and outs with a new baby, but the two of you will only enjoy it if you wrap baby high on your chest. If baby tends to sink down deep into the wrap, try holding your baby and putting the wrap on around him or […]

Rebozo Back Carry

I’ve not used rebozos much, except for a while when Ada was two and I used one for a quick rucksack tied under the bottom…which is not really a rebozo carry anyway! Well, I tried some rebozo front carries with Annabelle when she was littler, and it was never as easy, adjustable, or intuitive (for […]

Custom Wrap Straps

  Most back carries with a wrap will have either rucksack straps (the wrap comes straight down from your shoulder and goes underneath the same arm like a backpack–or vice versa, from under one arm to over the same shoulder) or are crossed across the chest so the wrap goes from over one shoulder to […]

Double Hammock Carry

I finally put up a page for the Double Hammock Carry.  Photo tutorial now available, thank you dear husband for photographing! I also have a couple of videos: This one with my god-daughter Aurora, shows a toddler in a double hammock carry. This one is my newborn in a double hammock (legs tucked in). I […]

First Foray into the Poppins Hip Carry

Belle is old enough now for me to start playing with hip carries. I don’t know if I would even bother if I didn’t have a blog to keep up…I have never found hip carries to be as easy, comfy, or convenient as front and back carries.  I’ll try to make myself do hip carries […]

Keeping A Little Baby From Getting Lost in the Wrap

Sometimes a parent puts a little baby into a wrap carry and the baby disappears down into the fabric.  This can be upsetting to the baby and, most importantly, is dangerous.  You should always be able to see your baby’s face.  Your baby’s head should be high on your chest (in a front carry).  And […]