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Back Carries for the Pregnant Mama

Without further ado, I present me, 22 months ago, just one week before Cassidy was born, with some pregnant wrapping suggestions and variations:

Chunei Carry Tied Under Bottom

Don’t be fooled, the Chunei Back Carry is another name for the more descriptive Double Hammock Carry.  And this version feels just as snug, secure, and supportive to me, but you can do it with a shorter wrap. With Summer peaking around the corner, a lot of us like to start using shorter wraps–less fabric […]

Using Your Wrap With SPD

Mothers who experience SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, also called Pelvic Girdle Pain) after giving birth may find that some baby carriers that put weight on the hips–such as soft structured carriers like the Ergo–are painful. This does not have to put a damper on your babywearing: A short wrap (rebozo) can be used like a […]

Custom Wrap Straps

  Most back carries with a wrap will have either rucksack straps (the wrap comes straight down from your shoulder and goes underneath the same arm like a backpack–or vice versa, from under one arm to over the same shoulder) or are crossed across the chest so the wrap goes from over one shoulder to […]

3.6 meters: Shorter Wrap Options

I dedicated yesterday to my 3.6 meter Inka Storchenwiege.  It is one of my very favorite wrap colorways, has been used plenty and is floppy soft, and I used it in July in Florida, albeit mostly indoors. I am something like 5’3 and 115 lbs.  The 3.6 was too short for FWCC or BWCC, but […]

Double Hammock Carry

I finally put up a page for the Double Hammock Carry.  Photo tutorial now available, thank you dear husband for photographing! I also have a couple of videos: This one with my god-daughter Aurora, shows a toddler in a double hammock carry. This one is my newborn in a double hammock (legs tucked in). I […]

Two Year Old Back Wrap

This post is just for Dannette, who wants to know how to wrap up her two year old.  First, I recommend a back carry.  By this age it gets unwieldy to wear them on the front and a back carry is more comfortable than a hip carry. If your son is going to want to […]

3 months old

Belle is three months now, and fourteen lbs!  I find that I am not wrapping her legs in anymore.  They are so long and strong that they no longer seem to be part of the bundle I used to wrap.  Instead of a newborn ball, Belle is unfolding into a more humanoid shape!   Current […]