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Back Carries for the Pregnant Mama

Without further ado, I present me, 22 months ago, just one week before Cassidy was born, with some pregnant wrapping suggestions and variations:

Fastest Wrap Carry

I often hear (or see, on internet discussions), people say they like their wrap but need a carrier that is easier for fast carries.  With wraps, a carry is as fast as you’ve practiced it.  I’d say the rucksack  back carry is the quickest, and it doesn’t take long to get it down.  Do the […]

That Elusive Rucksack Seat

Half the wrappers around will tell you that a Rucksack Back Carry is the easiest and should be the first one you learn.  It’s true that a Rucksack IS easy and very fast, IF you are good at it.  But the other half of the wrapping mamas will tell you that it’s impossible, that they […]

Options with Straps

Once you pick a carry, there are still so many variations and ways to customize it for comfort or appearance! Here is a video that shows several different ways to do the straps in a rucksack carry: standard rucksack straps crossed in front twist in front chest belt tibetan tie Which is your favorite?

Custom Wrap Straps

  Most back carries with a wrap will have either rucksack straps (the wrap comes straight down from your shoulder and goes underneath the same arm like a backpack–or vice versa, from under one arm to over the same shoulder) or are crossed across the chest so the wrap goes from over one shoulder to […]

Two Year Old Back Wrap

This post is just for Dannette, who wants to know how to wrap up her two year old.  First, I recommend a back carry.  By this age it gets unwieldy to wear them on the front and a back carry is more comfortable than a hip carry. If your son is going to want to […]

High Back Carry For the Non-flexible Parent

Sometimes when I’m showing someone how to adjust the wrap behind them, I run into this problem that they simply cannot reach as well as I can.  So I had to learn a new way to wrap up a little baby in a high back carry.  A way to do it without reaching high up […]

Neobulle Newborn Rucksack

I just used my 3.5 Neobulle Simon to put my five week old baby up in a high rucksack carry.  I love it!  The extra width of the Neobulle wrap made it real easy to get a good pocket under Annabelle, with plenty of width left to make a nice support behind her head.  I’m […]