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Short Cross Carry

short cross carry

This is a version of the cross carry that uses less fabric and can be done with a shorter wrap.

Short Cross Carry, step 1 Step 1. Hang the wrap down your back, with the two ends coming over your shoulders and hanging in front of you. The wrap should be off-center with one end longer than the other (in the pic I have the end over my left shoulder longer than the right).
Step 2. Pick up baby and hold in front of you. Short Cross Carry, step 2
Short Cross Carry, step 3 Step 3. Bring one end of the wrap around baby from your shoulder to baby's opposite knee (in this picture it stretches from my right shoulder and baby's left shoulder to baby's right knee).
Step 4. Bring the same wrap end under baby's bottom and tuck under baby's knee. Wrap should stretch across baby's body from left knee to right knee. Short Cross Carry, step 4
Short Cross Carry, step 5 Step 5. Bring the other end of the wrap (hanging over my left shoulder in the picture) down over baby and tuck under opposite knee. You will still be supporting baby's weight with your arm.
Step 6. Now bring the long end of the wrap that is tucked under baby's knee around your back and through the loop hanging down your back. Short Cross Carry, step 6
Short Cross Carry, step 7 Step 7. Take the end of the wrap that you have threaded through the loop, and tie it to the other end of the wrap tucked under baby's other knee. The location of the knot may depend on how uneven the wrap was when you started. It will probably be on your hip.
Step 8. Because I am using a long wrap, I have wrapped it around my waist again to tie under baby's bottom.
Short Cross Carry, step 9 Step 9. Locate the inner cross and spread the fabric out so that it stretches from baby's shoulder to shoulder, and knee to knee. It should form a seat under her bottom.
step 10. Spread the outer cross in the same way, covering baby's entire back and forming a seat under baby's bottom with baby's knees higher than baby's bottom.
Voila! As with other cross carries, baby can have arms in or out of the fabric, the cross can be pulled over baby's head for head support, and a very small baby can be placed in the inner cross in a cradle position (check the newborn link on the left).



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