Smitten with Wovens is a family business with a strong emphasis on ecology and sustainability. All Smitten Wraps are made in the USA. Smitten with Wovens ensures ethical and responsible business practices and uses packaging that is recycled and biodegradable.

Ethically made goods are important but a Smitten wrap will also make you happy day in and day out because of the beautiful, creative designs to choose from and the comfort and support they provide from birth through toddler! And Smitten wraps are wide so you will still have plenty of width for a napping pre-schooler on your back. With a Smitten, you will only need one wrap for all your babywearing years.

Pay attention – some Smitten wraps are stiff new and will need some breaking in, while others are soft after the first wash and great for beginners to learn to wrap with. The details are listed for each design so you will know what you are getting 🙂

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