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KinderCoat babywearing Coat

$155.00 $115.00

  • Works with most soft baby carriers
  • Use with newborns or toddlers.
  • Works great with front or back carries.
  • Use for tandem carries (one front, one back)
  • Keeps you warm up to -25 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Use full coat or separate lining for light jacket

Kindercoats run about 1 to 1 1/2 sizes large as compared to standard US women’s sizing. Flip to the last picture to see exact measurements. They are only available in black.

Kindercoat runs about 1 to 1 1/2 sizes large as compared to standard US women’s sizing. Flip to the last picture to see exact measurements. They are only available in black.

Hidden hoods for baby and babywearer in each position.
Use with any baby carrier.
Use with newborns or toddlers.
Works great with front or back carries.
Keeps you warm up to -25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Both outer and fleece portions of the current Kindercoat are black.

In Spring and Autumn you will enjoy the option of removing the fleece insert for a lighterweight babywearing jacket with all the same functionality–front or back carries, hoods in each position, etc.  The removable shell becomes a water resistant windbreaker to protect you and your baby from the elements when it’s not very cold.  Put together, they become the all purpose winter coat!

Comes with a hidden, adjustable back opening for wearing over a back carry (with ingenious drawstring for adjusting the opening from the front), and two zip-in fleece inserts to use for front carries so you’ll have a spare or can use to wear twins or multiples.

Larger sizes work for men to wear as well, and the coat looks great worn without a baby and inserts, too, so you can get plenty of use out of it!

Drawstrings: There is a drawstring below the waist to pull tight to keep baby’s legs and feet warm–this drawstring is accessed in the hand pockets–and another drawstring at the bottom of the coat.  Drawstrings allow you to adjust the back opening from the front on both the fleece liner and the shell and this will help keep all the body heat the two of you are generating inside the coat so it doesn’t escape and cold air doesn’t come in.

Hoods: Front shell insert and front insert with shell and liner each has a built in hood for baby.  Hood for babywearer hidden in collar.  Hidden hood for baby in a back carry in the shell.

Inserts:  No insert is needed for a back carry.  The kindercoat comes with one front insert for the waterproof shell alone, one front insert with waterproof layer and fleece lining for use when really cold, and one half insert for use with the fleece liner only, when using as a lighter jacket (this one does not have fabric covering your chest between your baby’s head and your neck as you would presumably be using both pieces if it was very cold).

Other functionality: Zippered vents underarms to allow plenty of airflow to your baby, even when the coat is closed over them.  Reflective strips on waist and arms. Inserts and liner/shell all zip easily together so you can customize the coat to that particular day’s weather and carrying position.

  • Rated 5 out of 5


    Kinder coat and Lenny Lamb hoodie review.

    I live in Northeastern Washington State where we get low temperatures and snow during winter. Temps in the 20s are typical, and we usually get a shorter stretch of colder weather, as we are currently, with temps fluctuating between 0 and 15 F. I am wearing a 16mo 25# toddler. I originally ordered the Wyoming coat, which was on sale at the time, but I could quickly tell that it was warmer that I would need most of the time. I am usually taking a walk if I am baby wearing in cold weather, so with the movement and the snuggling warming me up, the Wyoming coat would have been too much on all but the coldest days. If you need something for super cold weather or are not moving around as much, that might be the right choice, but I needed something that would be appropriate for fall and spring as well, so I started to consider layering. I tried on the plain fleece jacket and it was great, but lacked water and wind resistance that would be so nice at times. Then I became aware of the three in one kinder coat. It sounded perfect, as I imagined it to be less warm than the Wyoming when using shell and fleece together and I could separate them for even milder weather. I did not know then, but it is my understanding now, that the kinder coat is rated for colder weather than the Wyoming (-25, I think). When that was brought to my attention, I took a chance anyway. I am glad I did, as the kinder coat is indeed much less warm than the Wyoming, and is perfect for my needs. I found that at 32 degrees with a light shirt under the coat, I was a bit chilly when standing around at a tree-lighting ceremony, but when I am on my usual walks or wearing warmer clothes underneath I have been comfortable down to 12 degrees so far (this was with the Lenny Lamb under the kinder coat). I think I would be chilly if just standing around. So, there is no magic in the fleece and shell combo as far as temperature – it is about what you would expect from midweight fleece with some wind resistance. I don’t know how they can claim it is good to -25F, but the coat is great for my circumstances anyway. I can layer it with the amazing Lenny Lamb hoodie as I mentioned. I haven’t mastered getting them on and off by myself in a back carry. I can get the coat on and off by myself if I am wearing it alone. If I have the hoodie under it, the fleece against fleece friction makes it more difficult. I haven’t managed to get the Lenny Lamb hoodie on or off for a back carry without assistance, but maybe that will come with practice. If you are using the coat with a back carry and your baby falls asleep, you will need to have a scarf handy for head support, as the extra padding between their head and your back causes baby’s head to tip back more easily instead of resting on the back of your neck. As far as sizing, I am 5’3″ and about 140#, and I bought the coat in XS and the Lenny Lamb hoodie in medium.
    I can’t say enough good about the hoodie! It is so cozy and beautiful. The fleece is obviously really high quality and it is well made. I will probably wear it even without baby. And the hood for baby is awesome! Lots of extra fleece keeping the neck and shoulders warm.

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