Lenny Lamb Little Herringbone Impression Wrap
Little Herringbone Petrea Wrap Baby CarrierLittle Herringbone Tamonea Buckle OnbuhimoLittle Herringbone Inspiration Ergonomic Carrier (SSC)Little Herringbone Imagination Woven WrapLittle Herringbone Sunflower WrapLittle Herringbone Illusion Woven WrapLenny Lamb Little Herringbone Impression DarkLittle Herringbone Nightlights Lenny Lamb Wrap TaiLittle Herringbone Lantana Wrap from Lenny LambLittle Herringbone Elegance Woven WrapCity Lights in the Little Herringbone weave from Lenny LambLenny Lamb Hobo Bags made from Little Herringbone

Lenny Lamb Little Herringbone Carriers (various colors)


  • many color options in the Little Herringbone weave
  • Wrap, SSC, Wrap Bei Dai (Wrap Tai), Ring Sling, or Bag
  • 100%  cotton and dyes free from heavy metals and toxins
  • soft medium-weight fabric is easy for new wrappers to use
  • supportive with some grippiness for comfort with toddlers
  • front, back, and hip carries from birth through toddler

In-stock carriers ship next day. Otherwise, order now to receive backordered carriers in 2-3 weeks.


The Lenny Lamb Little Herringbone weave is light and soft – not slippery – and really comfortable and supportive for all ages. The weave is a striking check pattern that is shown off with multiple contrasting colors for a wrap that has a gorgeous depth in real life.

In-stock carriers ship next day. Otherwise, order now to receive backordered carriers in 2-3 weeks.

These Lenny Lamb Little Herringbone carriers are available as a versatile woven wrap that will work for all body types and baby ages. Lenny Lamb also makes wrap conversion carriers from Little Herringbone as Ergonomic Carriers (also known as Soft Structured Carriers or Full Buckle Conversions), Ring Slings, Buckle Onbus (styled after Japanese Onbuhimo carriers), Wrap Tais (based on carriers from China known as Mei Tai, Bei Tai, or Meh Dai, but with wide wrap-straps that can be spread over your back and your baby to add more of the customized support of a wrap). Scroll down to find measurements, weight recommendations and other specifications for each carrier style.

Select each design from the dropdown to see a picture of that colorway (color/pattern). Pictures show the design of the fabric in just one carrier style though each design is available in multiple styles (SSCs, Buckle Onbu, Wrap Tai, etc).

Below is a brief visual description of each design along with the g/m2 (or gsm), a way of measuring fabric weight. It means grams per square meter. Lenny Lamb Little Herringbone weave is a medium weight wrap that is light but supportive, with g/m² falling between 230 and 280 depending on the colorway (design).

Lenny Lamb Little Herringbone Color Descriptions and Fabric Weight

Little Herringbone Imagination = beautiful tropical colors in a rainbow with extra interest added by the herringbone weave, 250 g/m²

Little Herringbone Impression = pink, green, violet, lilac, and purple, 250 g/m²

Little Herringbone Impression Dark = pink, green, turquoise and purple with black for a more intense version, 250 g/m²

Little Herringbone Illusion = gorgeous shades of blue with black, 250 g/m²

Little Herringbone Inspiration = violet and purple gradation, the colors of Spring flowers, 250 g/m²

Little Herringbone Petrea = sweet colors of pink, green, lilac, turquoise and purple in skinny stripes for Spring, 230 g/m²

Little Herringbone Tamonea = small stripes in purples, pink. blues, yellow and natural making sweet checks in pretty colors, 280 g/m²

Little Herringbone Citylights = pink, blue, yellow and grey elegance with gray weft, 260 g/m²

Little Herringbone Nightlights = pink, blue, yellow and dark grey with a black weft that keeps the colors intense, 280 g/m²

Little Herringbone Daylights = pink, blue, yellow and dark grey with white weft make this a lighter version of Nightlights, 280 g/m²

Little Herringbone Lantana = deeper, more intense stripes of green, turquoise, and orange, 270 g/m²

Little Herringbone Sunflower = greens, blues, turquoise, and orange stripes with a green weft, 270 g/m²

Little Herringbone Elegance = beautiful design in maroon, ruby and silver threads, 240 g/m²

About Lenny Lamb Ergonomic Carriers

The instruction manual can be found here to answer any questions about the Lenny Lamb Ergonomic Carriers or Soft Structured Carriers.

Baby size is recommended starting at 4 months and between 14 and 35 lbs.
Panel height: 40cm or 15.75in at middle of panel
Panel width at base: 35cm or 13.78in
Panel width at leg opening: 32cm or 12.6in

Toddler size usually fits from around 20 lbs to 44 lbs.
Panel height: 48cm or 18.9in at the middle of the panel
Panel width at base: 45cm or 17.71in
Panel width at leg opening: 38cm or 14.96in

About Lenny Lamb Ring Slings

The ring slings are tested to 15 kg or about 33 lbs.  If you have a heavier child or prefer two-shoulder support, choose a woven wrap or Ergonomic Carrier.

LennyLamb RingSlings are made for the left shoulder as a standard with a pleated shoulder style.

About Lenny Wrap Tais – Wrap Strap Mei Tai or Bei Dai Carrier

Lenny WrapTai is a combination of a Bei Dai carrier and a wrap. It has a very comfortable panel that snugs your baby but it also has a four-way wrap straps that will distribute the weight evenly over the shoulders and the upper body. You can use the Lenny WrapTai for front and back carries.

Lenny WrapTai is reversible! Both sides can be worn 🙂

Mini size:

waist strap length: 105 cm each
shoulder straps length: 205 cm
Maximum child’s weight – 20 kg (44 lbs)

Lenny Lamb Baby Wrap Tai Dimensions

Toddler size:

waist strap length: 105 cm each
shoulder straps length: 205 cm
Maximum child’s weight – 20 kg (44 lbs)

Lenny Lamb Toddler Bei Dai (Wrap Tai) Dimensions

About Lenny Buckle Onbu (a variation on a traditional Onbuhimo carrier from Japan)

Lenny Buckle Onbu carrier is designed for children who can already sit unassisted. It is most commonly used for back carry. Lenny BuckleOnbu is available in one standard size. However, it has a panel that can be adjusted in its width – this makes the Lenny BuckleOnbu a truly universal carrier.

It also has a very comfortable adjustable hood – you will easily adjust it to you and your baby’s needs.

Lenny BuckleOnbu is compliant with the ASTM F2236-14 and EN 13209-2:2006 norms.

Lenny Lamb Onbuhimo Measurements

About Lenny Lamb Hobo Bag

The LennyLamb Hobo Bag is a perfect accessory for babywearing parents who need a spacious bag to have all the necessary things always with them. They are made of the same fabrics that we use for making our carriers and wraps. Thanks to this they are very strong and good quality. It can be a perfect addition to your LennyLamb wrap or carrier. If you no longer wear your baby it can be a nice accessory in the color of a carrier you used to use that will remind you of this beautiful time when you carried your baby close to your heart 🙂

Here is the view of LennyLamb Hobo Bag inside (the design shown in the pictures is random and serves to show the inside of the bag only)

Interior of the Lenny Lamb Hobo Bag with pocket

 Lenny Lamb Hobo Bags made from Little Herringbone

  • Louise Blazucki

    I have dark impressions in a seven. The wrap is heavier than I expected in a fabulous way. It’s got great bouncy and the deep rich colors are phenomenal. I would give it five stars but it is a touch slippy

  • Rissi

    My husband chose the little herringbone imagination in my base size (5) and I absolutely adore it. It was so soft and buttery right out of the package and as a new wrap momma, made it super easy to work with. The beautiful colors go with everything and my little boy loves it! This wrap makes lugging around a 30lb(no joke, 30 big beautiful pounds) 1 year old a total breeze! Its light weight but cozy, I love getting compliments on it everywhere I go!

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Choose your wrap size based on:
1. your size
2. the carries you wish to do

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