Double Hammock with Smitten Mod Stripes
Double Hammock with Smitten Mod StripesSmitten Mod Stripes Black and White Striped WrapSmitten Mod Stripes Classic Wrap Getting Wrapped Up

Smitten Mod Stripes Classic Woven Wrap


  • Smitten Mod Stripes Black & White Stripes
  • 100% cotton
  • supportive for comfort with toddlers
  • wide wrap for use for newborn through pre-schooler
  • front, back, and hip carries
  • ethically woven in the USA

Smitten Mod Stripes is a woven wrap designed by Modern Babywearing and woven by Smitten with Wovens in 100% cotton. It is a wrap that is easy to use and care for. Gray on one edge, black on the other, Smitten Mod Stripes combines the two with alternating black and grey stripes in the center. The weft threads are black for really dark black stripes. The look is clean and modern. Modern Babywearing designed the wrap specifically with Learning Stripes.

What are the Mod Stripes Learning Stripes?

The stripes on the wrap help you learn how to keep your wrap untwisted and visually see which part of the wrap has slack into it and which part to pull on to tighten it up. If the gray band is loose, pull on the gray portion of the wrap end you are working with. If the skinny stripe portion has slack, find the portion of the wrap with skinny stripes at the end and pull their to tighten. With one gray edge and one black edge, you can tell at a glance if your wrap has gotten twisted, which can interfere with a comfortable and supportive wrap job.

In this respect, Smitten Mod Stripes is great for those learning to wrap. However this is a thicker wrap and it does arrive stiff – it needs washing and use to be broken in and in time it will be lovely and soft.  This initial stiffness is a common characteristic of a wrap that is thick and thus highly supportive but if you are new to wrapping, I suggest a wrap that is thin or arrives soft, like the Smitten Vena Cava Warrior tencel blend wrap.

What is Smitten Mod Stripes like?

All Smitten wraps are wide at about 29-30 inches after the first wash. As a result, you will have plenty of width as your baby grows. So a Smitten Mod Stripes Classic wrap can serve all of your babywearing needs from newborn through preschool!

Smitten Mod Stripes Classic is a medium-heavy weight wrap at approximately 285 g/m² pre-wash.  G/m² stands for grams per square meter (sometime shown as gsm), a measurement for fabric weight. You will be comfortable as even your heavy baby or toddler is supported by this strong wrap! This wrap will need some breaking in to get nice and soft.  Break in your wrap by . . . using it! The more you use it, the softer it will get. You can hasten the softening by sitting on your wrap when watching TV or driving. If you have an older child, let them play with the wrap or even use it as a hammock!

Try a Front Wrap Cross Carry to learn wrapping. When ready, move on to any of the other wrap carries that you can find tutorials for in my menu. Need help with back carrying or anything else? Email me or post in our wrapping Facebook group, Wrap Club.

About Smitten with Wovens

Smitten with Wovens is a family business based in Texas that produces ethically and responsibly woven wraps made and finished in the USA.

Smitten Mod Stripes, like all Smitten wraps, are packaged in biodegradable packaging and are shipped with a gently used book saved from the landfill. When you are done with the book we recommend donating to your local women’s shelter or mailing it to Books for Africa.

Smitten with Wovens donates to a number of charities. A portion of the profits from Mod Stripes goes to Uzazi Village.

Smitten wraps have passed voluntary ASTM F2907-14b and flammability testing and are lab certified to be free of heavy metals and phthalates and Smitten wraps have a 6 month warranty.

Smitten Mod Stripes Classic Wrap Care Instructions

Smitten with Woven wraps arrive in loomstate, which means they need to be washed prior to first use.

Initial Wash – Machine wash on cold with color safe detergent and tumble dry on low heat.

All subsequent washes – Machine wash on gentle cycle in cold water and tumble dry low.  Once dry, we recommend steam ironing the wrap to soften it and prevent creasing.

Please note: some cosmetic flaws are possible. These may include skipped threads, or large floats and are not considered flaws or safety concerns. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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