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Girasol Wisteria Custom Woven Wrap


♥ soft and easy to use for your newborn but with strong support that won’t stretch or sag with your toddler

♥ Fair Trade and Handwoven in Guatemala

♥ the most versatile baby carrier and a custom fit in any front, back or hip carry

♥ reduces crying by 43% (for mom AND baby)!


    Wisteria is already a unique artisan piece, as it is handwoven on traditional looms in Guatemala .

    Girasol Wisteria is a brand new design created for me by the amazing Kalleigh Designs. This purple to gray gradation changes its look from soft to bold, light to bright, pink to blue . . . depending on the weft color you choose for your own personalized Wisteria wrap.


    The purples and grays that make up the Wisteria design are called “warp threads” and they are the most prominent colors. In Wisteria, the warp makes the purple to gray gradation.

    The weft are the threads that run across the warp threads, going over and under the warp. In the pictures above, the warp runs right to left and the weft runs up and down. The weft color has a more subtle effect on the wrap, changing the tint of the purple, grey and black warp threads.

    Keep in mind that Wisteria is woven with a herringbone weave that makes a beautiful but subtle zigzag through the weave. Because of that, the weft color has an even greater effect on the wrap because the zigzag pattern will appear through the purple and grey in the weft color that you choose. Whichever color you pick, you will be enchanted by the subtlety and beauty of the effect!


    Woven Wrap Sizing Chart - What is My Base Size?

    This graphic will help you identify your base size – the wrap length you would use for full length carries.

    You can choose to get your base size for the widest range of carries, or a shorter length for shorter carries with fewer layers. 2 sizes smaller than your base size is a good size for still having a lot of options if you prefer less fabric.

    Or get any size you prefer.

    Girasol Wisteria is easy to use and care for

    This wrap is 100% cotton so it is easy to care for and does not need babying. The Girasol Wisteria wrap can be machine washed, may be ironed and occasionally – if haste is required – even dried in tumble-driers.

    Girasol Wisteria – different color rails

    Because of the color gradient, Wisteria makes it easy to keep track of your rails – meaning that you always know which side of the wrap is which and can tell if it had become twisted.

    You can wrap with either the dark side or light side up, and can see whether the wrap has been twisted by whether that color remains on top as you bring it around your body. This helps you get a smooth and even wrap carry that will stay comfortable for hours with even heavy toddlers!

    Woven Wraps Compared to Other Baby Carriers

    Woven wraps are the best way to carry your baby close from newborn through toddler so you never have to size up and they never outgrow it!

    They are always a custom fit so there’s no adjustments when a different caregiver needs to use it or when your baby grows. No attachments or accessories, no buckles or weight bearing seams – just beautiful hand-woven fabric for the most comfort and versatility.

    You are sure to love the convenience of hands free comfort and a content baby!

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    Choose your wrap size based on:
    1. your size
    2. the carries you wish to do

    If you want to do the full range of carries, find your base size from this chart:

    If you want to use a shorter or longer wrap, click on the picture below to learn how: