Sunshine Rainbow Girasol Woven Wrap
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Sunshine Rainbow Girasol Woven Wrap

♥ soft and easy to use for your newborn but with strong support that won’t stretch or sag with your toddler

♥ Fair Trade and Handwoven in Guatemala

♥ the most versatile baby carrier and a custom fit in any front, back or hip carry

♥ lab tested to federal safety standard (ASTM F2907)

♥ reduces crying by 43% (for mom AND baby)!

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    ASTM F2907 Tested Baby Carrier

About the Sunshine Rainbow Wrap:

Safety tested: this wrap has passed US safety standards (ASTM F2907) in a government approved laboratory in May 2023.

Sunshine Rainbow Girasol has the sunniest personality of any wrap. Like that one friend you call anytime you need cheering up. The friend who always knows exactly what to say to make you laugh.

But really, it sounds small, but it’s a big deal.

Wrapping is already a great tool to ward off or lessen the chance of experiencing post partum depression.

There are numerous factors that contribute to this super valuable effect:

  • babies cry less in a wrap
  • a stronger feeling of connection with baby
  • mothers feel more competent as parents
  • ability to function in a wrap/less overwhelm
  • ability to get out of the house
  • sunshine and socialization come easier
  • mothers feel less lost as individuals due to the increased freedom of movement and action that wrapping brings

So if you look at this wrap and think, “This will cheer me up and make me feel pretty!” then just get it. That is priceless!

And just in case you’re worried, this Sunshine Rainbow Girasol is thin and floppy straight out of the package. That means Sunshine Rainbow is a great Summer wrap, and a wonderful wrap for beginners to learn on.

Sunshine Rainbow Girasol is a fair trade, handwoven artisan piece

This wrap was handwoven under fair trade practices, making it an ethical consumer choice and perfect for those who wish to support artisans. These wraps were handwoven in Guatemala by Pedro Alba, Sta. Lucia Utatlan, Canton Pamezabal.

Sunshine Rainbow deets for the Wrap Geeks:

Sunshine Rainbow Girasol is a vibrant gold-yellow with a rainbow on the edge. The ROYGBIV (red-orange-yellow-green-blue-idigo-violet) rainbow takes up about a fourth of the width of the wrap. 3/4s of the wrap is cheerful sunshine gold. This is a 100% cotton diamond weave wrap with a lemon yellow weft that creates subtle elegance in the yellow part of the wrap and stands out beautifully through the rainbow stripes.

Woven Wraps compared to Other Baby Carriers

Woven wraps are the best way to carry your baby close from newborn through toddler. You never have to size up and they never outgrow it!

Unlike stretchy wraps like the Moby wrap or Solly wrap, a woven wrap is supportive with no sagging . . . ever!

And unlike carriers with rings or buckles, your wrap is always fits like a glove so there’s no adjustments when a different caregiver needs to use it or when your baby grows. No attachments or accessories, no buckles or weight bearing seams. Just beautiful hand-woven fabric so you get the most comfort and versatility.

Choose a size 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 for full length carries (see the sizing tab). Or choose a shorter wrap for shorter, faster carries that have fewer layers. Whichever way you go, you are sure to love the convenience of hands free comfort and a content baby!

Sunshine Rainbow Girasol is easy to use and care for

This wrap is 100% cotton so it is easy to care for and does not need babying. The Girasol Sunshine Rainbow wrap can be machine washed. It may be ironed and occasionally – if haste is required – even dried in tumble-driers. This is a soft and cuddly choice for wrapping your baby. Sunshine Rainbow is soft brand new. That means if you are a new wrapper it is the easiest to learn to use. Comfortable and safe for front, back, and hip carries. Use it with your newborn or toddler.

Sunshine Rainbow Girasol – different color rails

It’s easy to keep track of your rails with Sunshine Rainbow. You can tell whether it is twisted when you cross it behind your back. Keeping the wrap untwisted is key to your comfort.

Wrap with the Rainbow on top (which will feature the rainbow more and make it stand out). Or wrap with the rainbow on the bottom and the yellow part of the wrap up. Then you can see whether that color remains on top as you bring it around your body. This way you get a smooth and even wrap carry that will stay comfortable for hours. Even with heavy toddlers!

Happy Babies Wrapped Up on my Instagram Feed:

  • Krishna (verified owner)

    My first Girasol wrap and I love it!!! It’s super comfy and easy to use starting Day 1! The yellow is a soft yellow and I love how it looks

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Choose your wrap size based on:
1. your size
2. the carries you wish to do

If you want to do the full range of carries, find your base size from this chart:

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