Yes, you should be excited about using a Lenny Lamb baby carrier!

Why do you use a baby carrier?  Yes it’s convenient and makes life easier, and yes it benefits baby’s development. But the biggest benefit is that your baby will cry less when being held. That’s why babywearing moms are less likely to experience post partum depression.  With a baby carrier, you more likely to get out of the house, get exercise, accomplish tasks and errands, and socialize with friends. Lenny Lamb is one of the most popular ways parents carry babies. You will not find a better choice in baby carriers!

Lenny Lamb is famous for their incredibly soft, comfortable woven wraps and other carriers made from them.  These carriers include wrap conversion SSCs (soft structured carriers), Mei Tais, Wrap Tais, Onbuhimos, and Ring Slings.  You will be so comfortable with your baby in one of these carriers. Wrap Your Baby’s exclusive designs from Lenny Lamb are beautiful designs that make it easy and comfortable to keep your baby close to your heart!

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