Woven Wrap Back Carry TutorialsBack carry tutorials so you can learn all the back carries with your woven wrap.

I have organized these back carry tutorials into short back carries, followed by supportive back carries, and then Double Hammock Carry (DHC) variations because DHC is such a popular carry and there are so many variations!


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    Explore the Database of Hip Carries

    Have fun learning back carries. Be sure to practice with a spotter or in a safe place – like over a bed.  Once you know you can do it safely every time you will be ready to wrap anywhere. A back carry makes it easier to do chores or housework. Back wrapping will help you be able to prepare snacks or food. A back carry is the best comfort for long hikes and a back carry is great for toddlers and heavy kids. Toddlers and pre-schoolers don’t always like front carries but most love a back carry! The view from a back carry is the best and they don’t miss a thing 😉

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