Traditional Sling Carry - formerly Rebozo Carry

    Rebozo Carry is now called Traditional Sling Carry (TSC)
    Back Rebozo is now called Traditional Back Carry (TBC)

    Front Traditional Sling Carry (TSC)
    previously called Front Rebozo Carry
    (and how to nurse in it)

    Detailed Instructions for Traditional Sling Carry
    previously known as Rebozo Carry
    with tips and tricks for comfort and versatility
    (Thank you for the video, Ally!)

    These carries and the passes used in these carries have been called Rebozo Carry and Rebozo Pass but are now re-named Traditional Sling Carry (or Traditional Back Carry) and Traditional Sling Pass. This change of terminology is out of respect to the rich history of the rebozo, a Mexican shawl that is used for many purposes (including baby carrying) and which has deep cultural meaning and represents a specific and intricate artform.  The Mexican rebozo is just one of the cultural inspirations for the Traditional Sling Pass used in these carries.  The movement to use more accurate and respectful terminology is marked by the hashtag #takebacktherebozo.

    A traditional sling pass is simply when the wrap comes from over one shoulder, across baby (forming a knee-to-knee seat under baby’s bottom), and around your opposite side.  It can be done on your front or back. By itself, that is a Traditional Sling Carry.

    But traditional sling passes are used in many other popular carries.  Traditional sling pass is one of the passes that gets your baby really the closest to you for the most comfort and the best cuddling.

    A traditional sling pass holds your baby tight against you and is very secure for babies who tend to try to lean back in a carry, pulling any hidden slack to the top rail (edge) so it becomes loose.  A traditional sling pass makes it easy to get that top rail snug and keep baby safely right against your chest with no space between baby’s chest and your back.  If you have trouble with baby leaning back in a carry, try a carry with one or more traditional sling passes.

    Some carries that use Traditional Sling Passes (formerly rebozo passes):
    Front Double Hammock Carry (FDHC)
    Double Hammock Carry (DHC)
    Wendy’s Double Hammock Carry (WDHC)
    Jordan’s Back Carry (JBC)
    Charlie’s Cross Carry (CCC)
    Double Sling Shoulder to Shoulder (DSS2S) – previously called Double Rebozo Shoulder to Shoulder (DRS2S)
    Christina’s Ruckless Back Carry (CRBC)
    Double Sling Carry (DSC) – previously called Double Rebozo (DR)
    Shepherd’s Carry

    And, of course, if you do one single, traditional sling pass on your back and tie a knot, you have a Traditional Back Carry (TBC) which was formerly called back rebozo carry:

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