Front Double Hammock Carry (FDHC)
-great for newborns-
with a full length wrap

Front Double Hammock Carry is so named because baby sits in two hammock (sling) passes on your chest just like baby goes into two hammock passes on your back in a regular Double Hammock Carry.

However, FDHC is really just a Front Cross Carry (FCC) variation – you slide baby in beneath both crosses for FDHC and you put one of baby’s legs in each cross for FCC.  This changes what we call the crosses from cross passes to sling passes (see below for demonstrations of each).

The other change is that we flip the fabric by doing a twist right below the shoulder before making each cross over baby in the front (see 0:55 and 3:34 in the video for the twists).  Because the sling pass doesn’t go downward at the same degree as the cross pass, the twist keeps the fabric from covering baby’s head, and evens out the tension across the width of the fabric so it’s easier to tighten uniformly, which is what results in a comfortable, supportive carry.

    Here’s what a sling pass (formerly called rebozo pass) looks like, coming from over your shoulder, spreading across baby, and coming around baby’s side and under your opposite side:

    Here’s what a cross pass looks like (pass coming from over one shoulder, across baby, between baby’s legs and around your opposite side):

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