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  • I just wanted to say thank you! I learned how to carry my baby through your videos and it has changed my life. Not only is my baby happier in the day and sleeping better at night, it saved me from my postpartum depression. I got my life back – and even better! Words can not express…

    Sophia - carrying a two year old and four month old in San Diego

  • I want to thank you for changing my life as a new mom 3.5 years ago. I found your website and bought at an Ellaroo and enjoyed the infancy of my then newborn twins. Even my son who was quite colicky never failed to be soothed and fall asleep in the Ellaroo front wrap cross carry.

    Karen - mother of 3

  • Got one of your wraps as a baby gift, and it has been a sanity saver!

    Jill - 35 year old mother of 2

How I Treat Customers

It is my policy to deal ethically and lovingly with my customers who support my family with their business. I will do my best to help you or point you to someone else who can. If there has been a problem with your order or your wrap, please let me know so I can help to resolve it. My goals are more wrapped babies, happier moms, and satisfied customers all the way.

Typos on the site are evidence of my humanity and the fact that I am a busy mom without a webmaster. I appreciate being alerted to any mistakes on my site but I cannot promise to honor typos in prices or offers as my first priority is to stay in business to be able to continue to service the babywearing community that I love!

It is important to me to provide resources that will help you with your wrapping, so please let me know if there is anything else that you would like to see on my site or email me with your questions: diana@wrapyourbaby.com

US & International Shipping

I provide free domestic shipping to US addresses. Most wraps mail by USPS Priority Mail which delivers in 2 or 3 business days. You should receive an email with your tracking number when your wrap ships. Wraps usually arrive faster than my customers expect them. Wrap anticipation is the best and the worst and we're not going to drag that out any longer than necessary!

Most of my international shipments are sent by USPS Priority Mail International with a discounted shipping rate of $26 for most European and Australian shipments and $30 for most Canadian shipments. I ship worldwide - put a wrap in the cart and enter your shipping address to get a shipping quote.

USPS Priority International reports a shipping time of 6 - 10 business days to most major markets. That means that if you live far from a major city, it may take a little longer.

I am not responsible for any customs fees that may be charged on international packages.

Return Policy

I have a standard 30 day return policy. You may return a wrap in like-new, unwashed condition for an exchange or full refund for any reason (unless that item was specifically listed as non-refundable, which is rare). International shipping costs are not refundable.

To return a wrap or other item, please email me at diana@wrapyourbaby.com so that I can send you the address that you should return it to. It is helpful to include a note with your return letting me know whether you are expecting an exchange or a refund, and if there was any problem with the item. Be sure your name is included.

If you are expecting or purchasing for an expecting mother, let me know the date of birth and I will count the 30 day period from that time. Let me know about any other unusual circumstances so that I can work with you fairly.

Layaway (payment plans)

I offer a payment plan to help budget for a wrap that you can afford. Purchase your wrap with the layaway option to make a 25% down payment. At this time the wrap is taken out of inventory and reserved for you so no one else can buy it.

You will be invoiced by email for the same amount once a month for the next 3 months, and when it is paid in full, I will ship your wrap to you. Make sure to add diana@wrapyourbaby.com to your Safe Senders list and/or check your spam folder if you don't receive your invoice.

Please note that you are required to make monthly payments and if you cannot make a payment or the payment will be late, make sure to contact me by email at diana@wrapyourbaby.com so that we can work something out.

If I do not receive your payment when due and cannot reach you by email, I reserve the right to cancel your layaway and return the item to inventory. If you want to be refunded for a cancelled layaway wrap, you must contact me.

Wrap Sizing

Woven wraps are not one size fit all and when you are new to wrapping, it is hard to know how to pick a length that will work best for you. There are two things to know:

Bigger moms require a longer wrap to do the same carries that smaller moms do with a shorter wrap.
And there are carries that can be done with each wrap size, regardless of your body size, although full length carries are most popular.

I have provided several sizing resources that I hope will help you:

sizing chart
photographic sizing by body shape
sizing by carry type, with links
more information for plus sized wrapping

Choosing a Woven Wrap

Rule number one: pick a wrap you LOVE.

All the wraps I carry are high quality and will serve you well as long as you love the color/design. Except for the water wrap, all of the wraps on my site can be used in all of the carrying positions (provided that you get the appropriate length) and, when used correctly, are safe and secure for newborn through toddler in front, back, and hip carries.

Natibaby wraps can be stiff when brand new so are not the easiest to use in new condition. They get soft with use.

Woven Wrap Flaws

It is normal for woven wraps to have some imperfections in the weaving as many of the wraps are handwoven or woven on small machines and the irregularities can be considered a part of the charm of owning woven textiles.

Among the brands that I carry, Ellevill and Natibaby wraps--with their intricately woven patterns--are particularly prone to small pulls, skipped threads, or broken threads. These small flaws do not affect the functionality of the wrap, and are usually not noticeable when wrapped up.

Linen is a natural fiber with typical irregularities in thickness which can create visible irregularities in the fabric and in the pattern. This is a natural characteristic for linen blend wraps and does not affect the function and longevity of the wrap.

Summer/Winter Wrapping

If you need a wrap for a hot climate, my top recommendations are Wrapsody Breeze, EllaRoo, or Ellevill.

Another good idea for hot weather wrapping is to use a shorter wrap in carries with fewer layers. For single layer carries, you will probably be comfortable even in a thicker wrap, although holding a baby in hot weather is always very warm work with a wrap or not!

You can choose a thicker/warmer wrap for winter wrapping, but it is not really necessary. You will probably not rely on your wrap to keep you or baby warm, but use coats and jackets or a poncho over the wrap. I have several cold weather babywearing accessories available for purchase in my store.




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