Tandem Babywearing in a Woven Wrap

Wrapping twins – woven wraps are great for wrapping multiple babies because they are so versatile and offer so much possibility, and so much customization.

Keep in mind that US regulations require baby carriers to be tested and that testing does not cover multiple children.  However, woven wraps have no weight bearing seams, and no plastic buckles or other parts that can give way. That’s why woven wraps are the safest kind of carrier to use for improvisation or any babywearing.

Use these common sense safety tips when wrapping twins:

  • Learn to wrap competently with one baby before attempting to wrap two.
  • Familiarize yourself with safe newborn positioning so that you can ensure both your babies maintain safe positioning in your wrap.
  • Wrap snugly so babies cannot turn, sink, or slouch into a dangerous position.
  • Sling rings are often used with tandem carries – use quality rings and watch for wear in your wraps.
  • Ensure there is no one spot that is continuously bearing undue weight in your wrap, including spots where one wrap may be threaded through another.
  • Keep an eye on the fabric you wrap with to ensure that it is in good condition.

Tandem Babywearing with a Woven Wrap

You can wrap twins together in a single front carry with one long woven wrap. One way to do it is to use a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) and put babies in the pocket separated by the crosses as in this video:

Wearing one on the front and one on the back in one long woven wrap as demonstrated here by LaKeta of TandemTrouble and her twins. Do not try this with a stretchy wrap such as the Moby.

    Wrapping Twins on front and back in a single woven wrap.

    Tandem Babywearing with twins - one in front and one on the back in one long woven wrap.

      A tandem hip carry in a single wrap is an option but can be trickier. Because you have a baby under each arm, this carry is not going to help you to get housework done, but it does work great for going out together. Demonstrated by Payal of TwinMommy101 and her girls.

      If your children are two different ages/sizes, you will likely find it most convenient to have the older baby or toddler on your back and it’s a good idea to secure the back carry with a knot before adding the front carry passes so that the heavier child’s weight does not pull the wrap too tight around the smaller baby. Here’s one way do that:

      Often, wearing two is most convenient in two separate wraps because this way you can take one baby down without disturbing the other so you can switch from wrapping one to wrapping two seamlessly throughout your day as your needs (and theirs) change.

      Tandemwearing With One Woven Wraps

      Tandemwearing With Two Woven Wraps

      One great combination for using two wraps is to tie on a Front Cross Carry (a poppable carry so you can take the little one out if he or she needs to potty or be changed, then pop baby back in without retying) and then put your toddler in a rucksack carry on your back.  The baby can be inserted into the Front Cross Carry after you are done wrapping toddler so you don’t end up bending over with baby on the front.

      When you are not wearing two, you will likely find many occasions to wear one twin while:

      • nursing the other
      • changing a diaper
      • pushing one in a shopping car
      • using a single stroller

      Here are a couple more sites of interest about babywearing twins:

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