Babywearing Benefits Mom and Dad, too!

#1 Babywearing Benefit – it empowers parents:

One of the biggest babywearing benefits is that it makes it easier on you to be a good parent. It improves the emotional well-being of mom or dad, and gives your baby a happier, healthier parent.

Wrapping helps empower new parents by:

  • giving you confidence in your parenting abilities
  • strengthening the connection between you and your baby
  • reducing stress by meeting baby’s needs more easily
  • reducing stress by making it easier to tend to other tasks
  • allowing you to get things done that help you keep your sense of identity

Babywearing Benefits - tune into your parenting instincts

#2 Babywearing Benefit – Wrapping is Convenient:

Using a wrap simplifies the impossible task of caring for a helpless human in the midst of a life that is still moving forward, complete with personal hygiene, errands, meals, housework, bread-winning, etc.

Add to that diapers, spit-up, teething, and reflux, and many parents are eager for anything that will simplify life!

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that there was a natural environment that would perfectly meet your baby’s needs and also left you mobile and freed your arms for all the other life tasks?

A wrap can be a tool to make life easier for a new parent.

    Baby wrapped on mom's chest, shopping.

    Wrapping makes it easier to get out of the house and accomplish errands.

    Baby wrapped on back while mom bakes with big brother

    Wrapping makes it easier to get things done or spend time with older siblings.

    Some of the babywearing benefits that make wrapping so convenient are:

    • a happier baby that is less needy
    • comfort for babies with reflux so they can sleep
    • less physical stress on your arms and back from holding baby
    • freeing up your hands so you can get yourself a sandwich, take care of your household, and get work done
    • making it easier to leave the house, experience sunshine, do errands, and see friends
    • making it possible to return to work with baby in tow
    • increased breastmilk production for nursing moms and improved breastfeeding success rates

    #3 Babywearing Benefit – Wrapped babies cry less.  No Joke. Try a woven wrap with your baby and see for yourself.

      Dad with baby wrapped up in small, independent bookstore

      Some places you want to go just aren’t stroller friendly.

      Nursing in a Wrap on the go

      Nursing in a wrap means your baby can nurse on demand and you don’t have to stop to do it.

      Mom feeding chickens with baby wrapped on her back

        Biology of Love:

        Parents AND babies experience increased oxytocin levels when interacting with each other.

        Studies show that oxytocin (the ‘love hormone’) is released into your system when you have physical loving contact, whether it’s hugging a loved one, holding hands, or holding your baby. Mothers also get a huge rush of oxytocin during a birth, and when breastfeeding.

        Skin to skin contact promotes the release of oxytocin, whether your baby is gripping your finger or laying a cheek against your chest.

        Opportunities to wrap your baby against your chest can be very beneficial to both your emotional connection and your baby’s physical health. Skin to skin touch, called Kangaroo Care, is commonly used as for premature babies but is beneficial for all babies and people of all ages who need healing.

        Dad Bonding With Baby in Wrap

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