Front Carry Database for Woven Wraps

Woven Wrap Front Carry Tutorials

    Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) is the first carry to learn if you have a full length wrap:Front Wrap Cross Carry with a Woven WrapBelow are several popular Front Wrap Cross Carry Variations that can be done with shorter wraps:

    Front Wrap Cross Carry Tied Under Bottom (TUB)

    Front Wrap Cross Carry TUB (tied under bottom). Wrap size: base – 3

    Semi Front Wrap Cross Carry

    Semi Front Wrap Cross Carry (SFWCC). Wrap size: base – 3

    Front Reinforced Torso Rebozo (FRTR) with a Woven Wrap

    Front Reinforced Torso Rebozo (FRTR). Wrap size: base -3

    Half Front Wrap Cross Carry (HFWCC) with a Woven Wrap

    Half Front Wrap Cross Carry (HFWCC). Wrap size: base -2 or base -3

    Front Cross Carry (FCC) can be pretied, so you can pop your baby in or out in less than a minute with your base size:Front Cross Carry (FCC) with a Woven WrapFCC variation for newborn or a particularly close carry at any age:

    Front Double Hammock Carry (FDHC) with a Woven Wrap

    Front Double Hammock Carry (FDHC). Wrap size: base size wrap or base -1

    Kangaroo Carry is a short wrap carry with a single layer, perfect for newborns or older babies:

    Kangaroo Carry for Woven Wraps

    Kangaroo Carry (KC). Wrap size: base -3

    Hip Carries can also be used as front carries if baby is positioned centered on your chest.
    Explore the Database of Hip Carries.

    Or find out about back carries in the Back Carry Database.


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