Half Front Wrap Cross Carry (Half FWCC) photo tutorial

Half FWCC or HFWCC is an easy short wrap variation of Front Wrap Cross Carry – a great front carry for baby or toddler that you can do with your shorty!

It’s called “Half” Front Wrap Cross Carry because it is done like a regular FWCC but with only one cross pass and no waist tie. Instead Half FWCC ties at your shoulder. You can tie with a double knot or a slip knot. A slip knot will allow you to adjust up and down easily which is especially handy if you anticipate breastfeeding in this carry!

Half Front Wrap Cross Carry
Photo Tutorial Instructions

(demonstrated with Girasol Rainbow Love which you can get here)

    Toddler Half FWCC Video Tutorial
    from LaKeta @TandemTrouble:

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