Woven Wrap Passes – Anatomy of a Back Carry

Woven Wrap Passes for Back Carries

There are so many wrap carries but they are made up of combinations of a few standard woven wrap passes.

Understanding woven wrap passes offers you these benefits:

  • it’s easier to remember different carries
  • you can customize carries to solve difficulties
  • you can invent new carries to suit your needs
  • your carries will be more comfortable

So here’s a primer on the different wrap passes that make up nearly every back carry: Read More

Breastfeeding Front Cross Carry How-to

Why a breastfeeding Front Cross Carry? This carry is easy to adjust into a nursing position and then back again when baby is done.

Nursing in your wrap is about the handiest thing you’ll ever learn – or rather, the most hands-free thing you can learn!

It’s the most convenient way to breastfeed your baby when you’re out and about or when you have other things to do or kids to take care of!

In this video tutorial, Kristy shows how she wraps her baby in Front Cross Carry (FCC) and then lowers baby to breastfeed in Front Cross Carry in an upright position:

More About Front Cross Carry

Front Cross Carry (FCC) is a cousin carry to the more well known Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC).

It is a slightly shorter carry, with only two passes over baby instead of three.

For this reason, and because the two passes are both cross passes, not horizontal passes, Front Cross Carry can be cooler in hot weather. The crosses let airflow through on the sides where a horizontal pass does not.

Learn more about Front Cross Carry
and get the photo tutorial here.

Side Gigs and the Single Parent

Side Gigs and the Single Parent

As a single parent, money is always on your mind. Even if you’re earning a comfortable income now, as the sole provider you can’t help but worry about what would happen if you lost your job. Whether you need extra cash to make ends meet today or a back-up plan for peace of mind, a side gig is a great way to increase your family’s financial security.

In addition to adding to the household income, a side hustle is an excellent way to build your skillset. Whether you want to advance in your current career or break into a new industry, a side gig provides the framework for professional development. If you’re unhappy in your current job, it’s a way to begin a gradual career shift without sacrificing the security of your full-time job. Even if you’re not ready to think about a career change, there’s something freeing about a job where you get to be your own boss and follow your own path. Need more? Brit + Co names some unexpected perks of side hustles.

Despite the benefits, single parents shy away from side gigs. The biggest reason? Not wanting to lose time with their kids. After all, you can earn money later in life, but you can’t get those formative childhood years back. However, picking up extra work doesn’t have to mean sacrificing family time.

To ensure your side hustle doesn’t bleed over into family life, block out your time. Time blocking is a simple scheduling method that dedicates chunks of time to specific activities. As Freelancing Mama explains, time blocking can be used within a day to schedule tasks — for example, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. is for your full-time job, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. is for family time, and 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. is for your side hustle.

Or, it can be used to assign a focus to each day — for example, Monday evening is for side work, Tuesday for family outings, Wednesday for household chores, and so on. Aim to schedule your side gig during time you wouldn’t otherwise spend with your kids, like mornings or evenings when they’re in bed or afternoons when they’re busy with extracurriculars.

Another option is finding side gigs that allow you to include your children. For example, walking dogs, babysitting kids, tending neighbors’ lawns and gardens, or selling handmade goods online are side hustles where you can include your children in your work. If you go this route, make sure it’s fun for your kids — or cut them in on the profits and use your side hustle to teach work ethic and discipline. No matter what route you choose, be sure to find a gig that matches your skill set, needs, and expectations. Not sure where to start? Forbes has a comprehensive list of sites to check out based on your interests and/or expertise.

Consider how you’ll fund your new side gig. Even small side businesses need money to get off the ground. But if you’re already strapped for cash, you might not have any funds to spare. If you’re confident your side gig can turn a profit, a business credit card can help you finance start-up expenses. While brand new businesses typically aren’t eligible for business credit cards, a new business owner can get a secured card based on personal credit. Explore the options for business credit cards to find the solution that meets your needs.

A line of credit can get your side hustle off the ground, but it’s not wise to rack up a ton of debt before your business has proven itself. Minimize financial risk by spending wisely in the early days. By starting out with low-investment projects, you can generate cash flow to fund your bigger ideas. For example, if you want to sell handmade clothing online but the cost of materials is an obstacle, start by selling high-quality secondhand and vintage finds online. Then, reinvest the earnings to expand your business. By taking this low-risk approach, you ensure your family’s finances remain intact even if your side gig doesn’t work out.

It would be wonderful if you never had to worry about money, but as a single parent, that’s not a luxury you have. Instead of stressing over not having enough, take action to change your family’s financial status. Whether it’s a way to put a few extra dollars in your pocket or the beginning of a new, lucrative career, a side hustle could be the answer to your financial woes.


Eric Kelly is a single dad who lives in Los Angeles with his three-year-old son, Gus. Eric is a graphic designer by trade and has always been an adventurer at heart. When Gus came along, he quickly discovered that single parenthood would be his biggest adventure yet. He created mydadventures.com to share the tips, advice, and resources he continues to pick up along his parenting journey.

Rucksack TAS is Cool for Summer Babywearing

Rucksack TAS (tied at shoulder)

If you’re wrapping but want to keep from overheating this Summer, then Rucksack TAS (tied at shoulder) is your best bet for staying cool while wrapping up!

  1. Back carries feel cooler than front carries. Chest to chest is just HOT!
  2. Rucksack is a single layer carry over baby, and with no passes crossing over your chest.
  3. When you do this shorter Rucksack variation that ties at the shoulder, that means you avoid having the wrap around your waist at all.

You can do Rucksack TAS with a short wrap up to 3 sizes shorter than your base size. Here’s how to do it:

You’re using a woven wrap that is flat and thin. It doesn’t have any padding or layers built into it. When you do this carry, you’re not adding layers on top of each other.

On top of that, if you live somewhere that is very hot very often, you’ve probably looked into getting a wrap that is light and airy for hot weather like Wrapsody Breeze wraps!

But whatever wrap you have, and whichever carry you do, find some key tips for surviving summer while babywearing here (scroll all the way down to see the list)!

Leave a comment letting me know if Rucksack TAS helps keep you wrapping up this Summer!

Or tell me what your favorite Summer Babywearing tips are 🙂

Too Hot to Wear? A Thin Wrap for Summer Babywearing


Best Baby Carrier for Hot Weather

The best baby carrier for Summer is one that will keep you comfortable in the heat.

You’ve been babywearing for months and you’re not willing to give it up:

Your baby calms immediately once wrapped.

You love the freedom it gives you to get things done.

But suddenly . . . Baby, it’s HOT outside!

Keep Wrapping Comfortably Throughout the Summer Months

Your wrap makes all the difference!

Are you using a stretchy wrap that overheats you both?

Switching to a woven wrap will allow airflow so it’s not so warm to wear.

Not all Woven Wraps are the Same
(when it comes to hot weather)

While linen is well known for being a cooler fabric, you can find all-cotton wraps that are just as breathable.

After wrapping three babies over a decade in Florida, I’ve found that it is the weight and weave that makes a bigger difference than the fiber content.

The Thinnest Woven Wrap

One of my most asked questions is, “Which wrap is thinnest for Summer wrapping?”

I made this video to answer the question. I compare several wrap brands and show you visually which is thinnest. You will be able to see for yourself which wrap will be most comfortable in hot weather!

For those of you who want to skip the video, here’s the short version:

Wrapsody Breeze wraps are made from 100% cotton gauze that is sturdier than most gauze. Yet much, much thinner and lighter than other woven wraps. Wrapsody Breeze wraps are my top recommendation for Summer Babywearing.

More about the best baby carrier for Summer – Wrapsody Breeze – in this video where I can’t help gushing over it just a bit 😛

Check out all the Wrapsody Breeze designs here

If you are getting a Wrapsody Breeze, or if you need some tips for surviving Summer in the baby carrier you already have, you will be so glad to have these tips for staying cool in hot weather – what to wear, which carries to do, and how to deal with the sun so you and your baby stay safe and comfortable this Summer!

More Summer Babywearing Tips
for whatever baby carrier you have

Poppins Carry with a Woven Wrap

All About Poppins Carry for #WrapLingoWednesday

Wrap Lingo Wednesday
definition and origin of Poppins Carry

Poppins Carry <noun> a hip carry that surfaced in 2007 when Louise shared pictures of her new wrap in her favorite hip carry. While the wrap was nice, everyone wanted to know what that carry was and how she did it!

Not surprising because Poppins Carry is very distinctive and doesn’t look like any other carry.

It was something she made up on the fly. With a woven wrap you can tie it however you want as long as baby is safely positioned and the wrap is secure and comfortable for baby and wearer.

So Louise obliged with photos and instructions and the Poppins Hip Carry was an instant sensation.

Usage Notes: comfortable hip carry that is good for leaners (pass spread high on baby’s back prevents baby from being able to lean back away from parent) and distributes weight to the wearer’s waist.

Poppins Carry is a favorite for wrapping photo shoots or for showing off both sides of a wrap with contrasting sides!

Can be used with a newborn, centered on the chest rather than on the hip.

To be used as a hip carry once your baby is sitting unassisted.

Derivation: from the United Kingdom, in use since January 5 2007, named after the mom of six who first shared her favorite improvised hip carry on TBW and upon request shared pictures and instructions on how to do it. Poppins was her user name on TBW. Here is the original post on The Babywearer where this carry first saw the light of day.

So now that you know, hit the FB, tweet, or Pin button the below picture to share this dive into Poppins Carry with your friends you know will find it fascinating! #WrapLingoWednesday

Poppins Carry, when, why and how to do it with your woven wrap

Read More

5 Tips for Babywearing Breastfeeding

5 Tips for Babywearing Breastfeeding in Your Baby Wrap

Babywearing Breastfeeding Tip #1
Learn to Nurse & Learn to Wrap

For successful babywearing breastfeeding, first establish a successful breastfeeding relationship. Learning to nurse in your carrier is a complication that need not be added until you and your baby have found a comfortable and workable breastfeeding routine. After all, this is a matter of your baby’s health and well being. So give yourself some time to get that going well before you add babywearing into the equation. Read More

15 Ethical Easter Treats for Your Easter Basket

Ethical Easter Treats for Easter Baskets

Ethical Easter treats mean the kids are happy while we use our dollar to vote for the kind of world we want them to grow up in.

I’m making it easy for you to keep Easter ethical, and a little healthier, too with:

  • Easter chocolate that was not produced by child labor
  • all natural Easter candy with no artificial ingredients
  • spring themed toys and jewelry so your kids don’t go crazy on too much sugar!

Plus, these 15 suggestions are all found on Amazon to make Easter shopping easy and painless for you! Read More

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