Does your baby scream when you try to wrap?

Try this if your baby screams when you try to wrap

Emily had been wrapping her baby since birth.

So why, at 2 months old, did her baby decide that wrapping sucks?

That’s right, after previously being fine with wrapping, Emily’s baby would scream and have a complete meltdown when she tried to wrap him.

I made a video to help her and within a few hours I received this message:

From screaming to content in the wrap

The fix was SUPER easy and there’s a good chance it will help you with your baby who doesn’t like wrapping.

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Jordans Back Carry Variation with a Woven Wrap

Jordan’s Back Carry (JBC) is a 3 layer, wiggleproof, back carry with rucksack straps that ties at the waist.

The 3 layers are: sling pass, cross pass, torso pass (also called horizontal pass).

That’s a great combination because the sling pass prevents leaning while the cross pass prevents seat popping. The torso pass provides a 3rd layer of support for a heavy baby or toddler.

Because of that pass combination, Jordan’s Back Carry is a great “wiggleproof carry” for wiggly babies and toddlers.

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What’s so Great About Girasol Wraps?

Talk to any veteran babywearers and you’ll likely hear about Girasol wraps – they’ve been sold for 30 years and thousands of families have love keeping wrapped up together in them. I’m one of them!

Annabelle takes a nursing break to look up at big sister Ada and me in a Girasol Wrap in 2010

I love selling Girasol wraps to my customers because they are light but strong, easy for new wrappers to use, comfortable for wrapping a newborn all the way through toddlerhood.

There are other woven wrap brands that are lovely, too, but Girasol has a special place in my heart because:

  • Fair Trade
  • handwoven by artisans in Guatemala
  • the prettiest colors and rainbows
  • beautiful weaves
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3 Ways to Use Your Short Woven Wrap Like a Ring Sling

Did you know you can use a size 2 or 3 woven wrap as a ring sling with OR WITHOUT sling rings?

While a ring sling is a one-trick-pony, a short woven wrap can do the same job as a ring sling OR be used for other wrap carries. Versatility for the win!

I’ll show you how to use your wrap as a ring sling:

  • as a ring sling with a slipknot
  • with rings that are not sewn in
  • or with NO KNOT and NO RINGS
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Front Reinforced Torso Sling for Breastfeeding

Front Reinforced Torso Sling (FRTS) is a short wrap carry – try it with a wrap that is 1 or 2 sizes shorter than your Base Size (scroll down to see how to find your base size woven wrap).

This carry ties at the shoulder with a slipknot, which means it’s very adjustable and THAT means it is great for breastfeeding 🙂

Wrapped Baby in Front Reinforced Torso Sling Carry
Mom and baby gaze at each other in a FRTS Carry in a Woven Wrap.
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How Can Breastfeeding Boost Your Child’s Oral Health?

Guest post by Jennifer Ali

Photo by Amanda Sofia Pellenz on Unsplash

It is incredible to think that the first few months of your baby’s life can be so influential when it comes to their future oral health.

A 2018 study by Queensland University of Technology researchers found, for instance, that a newborn baby’s saliva combines with breastmilk to release antibacterial compounds like hydrogen peroxide. These compounds help determine the microbiota (bacterial communities) that live in babies’ mouths, boosting innate immunity.

The results showed that breastmilk, when combined with the newborn’s saliva, inhibits the growth of microorganisms immediately and for up to 24 hours. This was the case for both harmful microorganisms and those which were normally in a baby’s mouth.

The study is just one of many that show that breastfeeding can help promote better oral health in babies.

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Plus Size Wrap Babywearing Options

Hello, friends! Today I wanted to talk about something that I get asked about regularly, and that is plus size wrapping.

I don’t ever want a mom or dad to feel that they cannot be a beautiful, skilled, comfortable wrapper because of the size or shape of their body!
There are 2 important facts I want to share:

1. Woven wraps come in aaalllll sizes. So, yes, you can get a wrap to fit you just as well as anyone else. Sometimes the larger sizes are harder to find but I’m going to give you a tip for that below.

2. Plus size parents can use shorter wraps, too. You don’t HAVE to get a long one to make it work.

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You Can Easily Homeschool Kids, Babywearing Mom

Easily homeschool kids - from Wrap Your Baby to Teach Your Child - the natural journey from babywearing mom to homeschooling mom

As a babywearing mom and connected parent, you can easily homeschool kids. Let me explain:

Any good mom is homeschooling before she sends her kids to school, whether she has thought about it that way or not.

You are speaking to, singing to, and playing with your baby.

You are exposing them to colors and shapes and sounds and textures. ‘

You take them on walks and to parks, and shopping and the zoo.

You spend time at the library reading, or pulling books off shelves, or doing baby/toddler library activities.

You point out birds and airplanes overhead. You take them to the beach and help them put their toes in the sand, and in the water.

They get older. You teach them to look both ways and hold your hand before crossing the street.

You still take them to the zoo and the park and the beach and the store. You show them how to choose apples that aren’t bruised. You teach them the names of all the different animals and where in the world they are from.

You read more books. You play hide and seek. You get them art supplies and do crafts or puzzles together. You bake cookies.

All of that is homeschooling.

It is age appropriate exploration. It is child led pursuits and a deepening understanding of the world.

If you do some of those things with your little kid, I can help show you how you can easily homeschool kids by continuing to do these kinds of things as your child gets older year by year and end up with a well educated child who hasn’t had their love of learning dulled and is set up to be able to follow their own dreams as an adult.

Would you be interested? Want to know how this could be possible?

Join my HOMESCHOOL LIST for more info.