Housework and Woven Wraps


Housework with a Woven Wrap

You got your wrap and now it’s easier to care for your baby (and yourself). There’s less crying in your home and everyone is happier.

Babywearing for the win!

Is it possible that there are more benefits that could be had from your woven wrap?

Is it just possible this wonder cloth might also help you do something about:

  • toys all over the room?
  • stacks of laundry (unwashed or unfolded)?
  • dishes piling up in the sink?
  • and dust bunnies in the corners?

Oh, yes, mama (or papa)!

Here are some tips for babywearing housework:

First you need a baby carrier that is truly hands free because it holds your baby securely against you, because it doesn’t sag or stretch out, because baby can’t lean out. Enter the woven wrap (my fave).

If your woven wrap is not holding your baby securely, please email me for troubleshooting help!

Secure and hands free babywearing in a woven wrap

Wrapping your baby up gives you back, not only your hands, but your mobility. With a baby sleeping peacefully on your chest, you can move around freely to pick up the livingroom and do other chores.

You may be able to wash a few dishes with baby wrapped on your front. But reaching around a baby seriously limits your reach.

Similarly, reaching into you washing machine will be difficult with baby wrapped on you front. You can probably load a washer fine, but reaching in to fish out the last few socks will be challenging.

Bending to pick up items is also less than easy in a front carry, though it can be done.

Learning a back carry will seriously up your housekeeping game!

Try Back Wrap Cross Carry (BWCC) which is a lower back carry and very comfortable for all the movement that is entailed in housework.

Back Wrap Cross Carry for Housework

Some people like using Back Wrap Cross Carry (BWCC) as a first back carry to learn because you can do it with a knot at the chest that helps to hold baby in place while you do the rest of the wrap job. Here’s Wrapping Rachel demonstrating BWCC with a chestbelt:

If you have a short wrap, try Double Sling Carry. Here I was using a very short (size 2) wrap in a Double Sling Back Carry to clean my house when Annabelle was little:

Sweeping While Babywearing

I hope this helps. Get wrapped up. Go forth and get done what you’ve been wishing you could get done!

And let me know how it goes!

Gardening with Woven Wraps

Valentines Day with Small Children

How to celebrate Valentines Day with Small Children

How to Celebrate
Valentines Day with Small Children

3 Tips in this Blog Post Will Change Your Valentines Game:

  1. easy Amazon Prime gifts to order in advance
  2. trade babysitting with a friend
  3. dates when you can’t get a sitter

Read on for all the details to make V-Day easy for you!

Have a Thoughtful Gift Ready

I get a tiny affiliate commission if you buy anything through a link on my blog. Or if you follow a link on my blog and then buy other things. Of course it doesn’t affect how much you pay so don’t worry about that 🙂

You can celebrate Valentines Day with small children because those little kids do not stop you from surprising your love with a token of your feelings!

These peppermint chocolates can arrive very quickly. And VERY IMPORTANT WITH ANY CHOCOLATE, they are fair trade, meaning no slavery (child slavery or otherwise) was involved in the making of your romantic treat:

If you have a bigger budget, this beautiful bouquet with classic red roses for passionate love . . . will make you a hero and having kids doesn’t get in the way of its arriving!

For something more unique, try this amazing set of tealight candles that look exactly like succulents!

Or would your significant other love this Groot flower pot? 😮

Give your significant other starry eyes by picking a gift that is specific to their interests.

Are you in love with a writer or someone who likes to journal? Try this beautiful journal and pen set:

Or if your partner relaxes with sketches or adult coloring books:

And if you are animal lovers, find a silver pendant or charm that matches your fur baby from the Magic Zoo:

Camera charms or a lens travel mug are thoughtful gifts for a photographer:

Babysitting Trade
so you can go on a date

You can celebrate Valentines Day with small children by leaving said children with a trusted adult.

But if you don’t have a budget for the babysitter, how do you celebrate Valentines Day with your Sweetie?

One idea is to trade babysitting with a friend or neighbor who also needs a few hours. Maybe you take a friend’s kids one morning or afternoon and that friend takes your kids’ the next.

Or if you are in the same neighborhood, you can leave your kids at home with your spouse while you go stay at her house with her sleeping kids so she can have an evening out. Then she or he does the same for you.

How to Carve out Time Two
around your children

And if you want to celebrate on Valentines Day and can’t find someone to stay with your kids, all is not lost!

It might take a little more creativity, but it is possible to carve out some time alone together:

Valentines Day with Small Children When You Don't Have a Babysitter

Storch Inka Roadtrip for Fulltiming Family

Storch Inka wrap – 3 babies and fulltime RVing

Storchenwiege Inka 3 babies

We’ve loved our Storch Inka wrap with Ada (born September 2004), Annabelle (born Christmas 2009) and Cassidy (born April 2011)!

Yes, I’ve wrapped baby goats and many other borrowed babies, too!

And in 2011 we moved into an RV called Benny the Brave full-time and traveled the country with a newborn, 1 year old and a 6 year old! Read More

Storchenwiege Wrap Sale

Update: Sale is over now.

Storchenwiege Wraps Leave the US Market😮😥

Otherwise Known As:

I wanna cry but I’m having a BLOW OUT SALE instead!

Why do I want to cry?

Storchenwiege wraps are known for being one of the highest-quality, most supportive, indestructible, and beloved woven wraps on the market for decades (longer than almost any other wrap company). Read More

Best Natural Baby Gifts for Baby Shower or Christmas

7 Best Natural Baby Gifts on Amazon

Top Natural Baby Gifts and Toys on Amazon Christmas 2018

Natural baby gifts are always appreciated by new moms and by babies, too. If mom already has a fair trade woven baby wrap, here are some fun natural baby gifts she is sure to appreciate!

I tend towards baby minimalism. But when I do get a natural baby toy, it better be aesthetic, quiet (no electronics, please), and get a lot of use or it’s got to go!

Get Away from Electronic Toys with this Natural Wood Clutching Toy

Read More

Babywearing Science – 23 Evidence Based Benefits

Babywearing: What the Science Says

Evidence Based Babywearing Benefits

Babywearing Science – If you are curious about wearing your baby, now is the perfect time to get educated on the topic. You see, the first week of October is a nine-day babywearing celebration, mothers from all over the world are taking the time to advocate for the use of slings, wraps, and carriers.

While anecdotal evidence about the practical benefits of wearing babies is both abundant and accessible, it can feel like a challenge to unearth studies that provide hard facts as to whether or not babywearing offers any developmental or health advantages.

As it turns out, though, there is plenty of evidence! You just need to know where to look and be prepared to go beyond the limited number of specific babywearing studies. In actual fact, there are plenty of scientific studies that measure the effects (on mothers and babies) of things like touch stimulation, close physical contact, holding infants upright, and skin-to-skin contact – all things that are naturally promoted when babywearing. Read More

Woven Wrap Passes – Anatomy of a Back Carry

Woven Wrap Passes for Back Carries

There are so many wrap carries but they are made up of combinations of a few standard woven wrap passes.

Understanding woven wrap passes offers you these benefits:

  • it’s easier to remember different carries
  • you can customize carries to solve difficulties
  • you can invent new carries to suit your needs
  • your carries will be more comfortable

So here’s a primer on the different wrap passes that make up nearly every back carry: Read More

Breastfeeding Front Cross Carry How-to

Why a breastfeeding Front Cross Carry? This carry is easy to adjust into a nursing position and then back again when baby is done.

Nursing in your wrap is about the handiest thing you’ll ever learn – or rather, the most hands-free thing you can learn!

It’s the most convenient way to breastfeed your baby when you’re out and about or when you have other things to do or kids to take care of!

In this video tutorial, Kristy shows how she wraps her baby in Front Cross Carry (FCC) and then lowers baby to breastfeed in Front Cross Carry in an upright position: Read More

Side Gigs and the Single Parent

Side Gigs and the Single Parent

image courtesty of

As a single parent, money is always on your mind. Even if you’re earning a comfortable income now, as the sole provider you can’t help but worry about what would happen if you lost your job. Whether you need extra cash to make ends meet today or a back-up plan for peace of mind, a side gig is a great way to increase your family’s financial security. Read More

Rucksack TAS is Cool for Summer Babywearing

Rucksack TAS (tied at shoulder)

If you’re wrapping but want to keep from overheating this Summer, then Rucksack TAS (tied at shoulder) is your best bet for staying cool while wrapping up!

  1. Back carries feel cooler than front carries. Chest to chest is just HOT!
  2. Rucksack is a single layer carry over baby, and with no passes crossing over your chest.
  3. When you do this shorter Rucksack variation that ties at the shoulder, that means you avoid having the wrap around your waist at all.

You can do Rucksack TAS with a short wrap up to 3 sizes shorter than your base size. Here’s how to do it: Read More

Too Hot to Wear? A Thin Wrap for Summer Babywearing


Best Baby Carrier for Hot Weather

The best baby carrier for Summer is one that will keep you comfortable in the heat.

You’ve been babywearing for months and you’re not willing to give it up:

Your baby calms immediately once wrapped.

You love the freedom it gives you to get things done.

But suddenly . . . Baby, it’s HOT outside!

Keep Wrapping Comfortably Throughout the Summer Months

Your wrap makes all the difference! Read More

Poppins Carry with a Woven Wrap

All About Poppins Carry for #WrapLingoWednesday

Wrap Lingo Wednesday
definition and origin of Poppins Carry

Poppins Carry <noun> a hip carry that surfaced in 2007 when Louise shared pictures of her new wrap in her favorite hip carry. While the wrap was nice, everyone wanted to know what that carry was and how she did it!

Not surprising because Poppins Carry is very distinctive and doesn’t look like any other carry. Read More

5 Tips for Babywearing Breastfeeding

5 Tips for Babywearing Breastfeeding in Your Baby Wrap

Babywearing Breastfeeding Tip #1
Learn to Nurse & Learn to Wrap

For successful babywearing breastfeeding, first establish a successful breastfeeding relationship. Learning to nurse in your carrier is a complication that need not be added until you and your baby have found a comfortable and workable breastfeeding routine. After all, this is a matter of your baby’s health and well being. So give yourself some time to get that going well before you add babywearing into the equation. Read More