What’s so Great About Girasol Wraps?

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Talk to any veteran babywearers and you’ll likely hear about Girasol wraps – they’ve been sold for 30 years and thousands of families have love keeping wrapped up together in them. I’m one of them!

Annabelle takes a nursing break to look up at big sister Ada and me in a Girasol Wrap in 2010

I love selling Girasol wraps to my customers because they are light but strong, easy for new wrappers to use, comfortable for wrapping a newborn all the way through toddlerhood.

There are other woven wrap brands that are lovely, too, but Girasol has a special place in my heart because:

  • Fair Trade
  • handwoven by artisans in Guatemala
  • the prettiest colors and rainbows
  • beautiful weaves

And they can weave exclusive designs for my store. Basically that means they take my own personal visions and turn them into woven reality!

But FUN NEWS: recently I worked with Girasol to design a new instruction manual for them using my pictures and instructions, which my husband helped me work on to make them the best darn woven wrap instructions out there.

Those manuals are now officially going out with each Girasol baby wrap. If you get one, drop me a note to tell me if it’s helpful!

Concurrent with the new manuals, each of the Girasol weaves just got laboratory testing done and has passed federally mandated safety standards for baby carriers in the United States (ASTM F2907).

So there are more reasons than ever to get whichever one of my exclusive Girasol designs has caught your eye:

Sherwood Girasol wrap in a Toddler Rucksack Carry
Girasol Sherwood Wrap Toddler Back Carry
Girasol Barefoot Rainbow Wrap
Barefoot Rainbow Girasol Baby Wrap Cuddles
Girasol Rainbow Baby Wrap Purple Stripes
Rainbow Baby Girasol Wrap Toddler Front Carry
Girasol Atlantis Woven Wrap in green, blue and purple
Girasol Atlantis Wrap Purple to Blue to Green
Girasol Sunshine Rainbow Toddler Kangaroo Front Carry
Girasol Sunshine Rainbow Woven Wrap Nap
Girasol Wisteria Wrap Purple Gradient
Wisteria Girasol Wrap Purple to Grey Gradation
Click here to buy a wrap. Thank you for your business! This is how I support my family. - Diana ❤️

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