Sherwood Girasol wrap in a Toddler Rucksack Carry
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Girasol Sherwood Woven Wrap Baby Carrier


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♥ soft and easy to use for your newborn but with strong support that won’t stretch or sag with your toddler

♥ Fair Trade and Handwoven in Guatemala

♥ the most versatile baby carrier and a custom fit in any front, back or hip carry

♥ reduces crying by 43% (for mom AND baby)!

    Sshacchi demonstrating a Double Hammock Carry with this beautiful Sherwood wrap ^^^

    2 DAY SHERWOOD GIRASOL PRE-ORDER FOR NOVEMBER DELIVERY (direct European shipping available from Germany, or free US shipping for customers in the USA).

    This intricate honeycomb weave is beautiful in the dancing earthy shades of Girasol Sherwood, a design inspired by sunlight filtered through a leafy canopy. Designed by Kali Designs and brought to life by Girasol.

    Named for the greenwood of the Robin Hood legends, Sherwood is all the colors of the woods through the seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. The harvest hues create an ombre from brown to red, through orange, yellow, and green, with darker edges in a dusty brown belotta weft.

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    Woven Wrap Sizing Chart - What is My Base Size?

    This graphic will help you identify your base size – the wrap length you would use for full length carries.

    You can choose to get your base size for the widest range of carries, or a shorter length for shorter carries with fewer layers. 2 sizes smaller than your base size is a good size for still having a lot of options if you prefer less fabric.


    Choose standard weave (thin) if you are a new wrapper or have a small baby.
    Choose toddler weave (thick) only if you have already wrapped, have a toddler, and know you want an especially thick wrap.

    Girasol’s Standard Weave is one of my favorite wraps to sell because it is soft, floppy, and easy to use – even for brand new wrappers. It also wraps beautifully around a newborn baby or small baby. But it is still comfortable and supportive through toddlerhood. For you wrap geeks, the fabric weight of this honeycomb weave is about 228.26 g/m² (grams per square meter).

    Girasol’s Toddler Weave – or Double Weft – is a thick and super supportive weave made sturdy because it has twice as many threads running through the weave. It is excellent for toddler support for those who want the most sturdy wrap. But it is stiff brand new, and can be difficult to use until broken in so I don’t recommend it for new wrappers. It is also not very good for wrapping around newborns. The fabric weight of Sherwood double weft wraps are approximately 305 g/m² (grams per square meter).


    Girasol wraps are usually finished with hemmed, tapered ends on the wrap. If you do not let me know otherwise, your wrap will be hemmed and tapered like this:


    Or you can let me know if you want to have your wrap fringed on the end, instead of tapered. Email me or PM me and make sure you get my answer so you know I received it and made a note of it!