Beginnings, Purpose & Values

I just want to help you get wrapped up with your baby.

I started sharing wrap tutorials in 2005 on a website my mother built for me, and in 2011 when our family decided to move into an RV for a couple of years to travel the country on a tank full of vegetable oil, we left my husband’s construction business and income behind and needed a small income we could take with us to supplement the money he made playing shows and busking on the road.  So we added the online store to my internet tutorials and it took off on its own momentum.

I didn’t plan this business, I fell into it . . . by sharing what a difference wrapping had made to my well being and my babies’ happiness, and that’s right where I want to keep the focus.

So Wrap Your Baby stands for simplicity, connection, and always for families.

Purpose Statement

Wrap Your Baby is here to provide clear, easy-to-follow tutorials, and comfortable, easy-to-use wraps to help you keep your baby close while engaging fully with life.

My purpose in teaching you how to Wrap Your Baby is to help you re-connect with your own parenting intuition and confidence so that parenting your baby won’t be so much work, and so you have time to stop and smell the baby, and the roses, and the cheese souffle.  It’s about making life easier, and making every family member happier.  It’s what I want for my family and it’s what I want for yours.


It is my intention that Wrap Your Baby support families and improve lives by promoting the values of compassion and inter-responsibility.  I promote and work with socially and environmentally responsible companies and people of goodwill and align myself and Wrap Your Baby with those who put the well being of our fellow man above material gain.

~Diana Rosenfield, Wrap Your Baby


Click here to buy a wrap. Thank you for your business! This is how I support my family. - Diana ❤️