Woven Wrap Challenge

Take a Challenge and Learn Something New

Three Days Later You’ll Know How to Back Wrap!

Learn to put your baby on your back in a way that is not scary, postion your baby and get a secure carry. In just 3 days you can learn your first back carry with your woven wrap . . . whether you have ever tried to back wrap or not:

Where to Start With Your Woven Wrap!

Learn how to use your wrap comfortably, competently, and without frustration. In just 3 days I will show you how to use your woven wrap for your first Front Carry . . . even if you’ve struggled to get it right OR if you don’t know where to start:

The Easiest Way to Become a Master Wrapper:

For the most fun and the fastest way to learn all the ways to use your woven wrap, become a member of Woven Wrap Guild. Wherever you are with your wrap skills, you’ll find the exact next thing you should learn and be able to increase your skills in a sequence that makes it easy and with my help and the support of a friendly community: