• Let your back and torso support the weight to save your arms.
  • Wraps hold your toddler the closest so your shoulders don’t feel the weight.
  • Leave the stroller at home and give your toddler a mom’s eye view of the world instead of a knee-high view!

3 Woven Wrap Carries for Toddler Wrapping
(or pre-schooler wrapping!)

    #1 Toddler Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC)

    • Best carry for learning to use your wrap.
    • Gives your toddler a quiet, familiar place to nurse on the go.
    • Allows your toddler to cuddle in when feeling overwhelmed, sick, or clingy.

      #2 Toddler Rucksack Carry (Ruck)
      for toddler wrapping

      • Simple carry so there are not a lot of steps to remember.
      • You don’t have to be able to reach so far behind you to spread the wrap.
      • Keeps your toddler from leaning backwards.
      • Best carry when you just need to wrap quickly.

        #3 Toddler Back Wrap Cross Carry (BWCC)
        for toddler wrapping

        • Can be done with a chestbelt to secure your child after the very first pass.
        • Is likely to be comfortable for longer periods than a Rucksack Carry.
        • Creates a good seat that a toddler cannot wiggle out of.

        New to Back Wrapping?

        Are you new to Toddler Back Wrapping? Practice with a spotter or while sitting on the edge of a bed so you don’t have to worry about dropping your toddler.  Expect to practice a few times without getting frustrated if it isn’t perfect; grant yourself the grace to learn.

        If the toddler back carry seems complicated or difficult to remember, practice over a bulky backpack while you learn the carry.  Once you are confident you can switch to wrapping with your toddler.

        And if you need more personalized help, definitely come join my simple membership Woven Wrap Guild to learn to wrap your toddler in all the ways you need.

        Rucksack Carries with 3 year old and 2 year old; wrap spread high on back and forming a deep, comfortable seat which lifts each toddler’s knees.

        Rucksack is a good first carry for a lot of people – it has only one pass so you don’t need the flexibility to spread additional passes.

        It is important to spread the wrap high up your toddler’s back (to the armpits for arms out, or up to the neck for arms in) with the top rail (edge) tight so your child cannot lean away from you.

        Have plenty of fabric at the bottom and scoop it up under your toddler’s bottom to pull toddler’s knees up.  Keeping that bottom rail (edge) tight to hold the knees up and forming a straight line from knee to knee, while keeping the seat portion deep (do not over-tighten this part) keeps the seat from sliding out from under your toddler.

        BWCC passes go between your toddler’s legs so there is no opening at the bottom and no possibility of your toddler straightening his legs to get out of the seat.

        If you have trouble getting a good seat in a Rucksack, perhaps because your toddler is too wiggly, a carry with cross passes will secure your little one’s seat for sure.  Back Wrap Cross Carry (BWCC) with a chest belt is a popular first carry for this reason.

        Playlist of Toddler Wrap Carries

          Which wrap to get for a toddler?

          Any woven wrap from a reputable manufacturer should support your toddler safely and comfortably.

          I suggest getting one of my exclusive Girasol wraps which are wonderful from newborn all the way through toddler.

          Sizing: Get a long wrap to do multi-layer carries that will be more supportive for longer periods or get a short wrap to do quick carries for a toddler who wants up and down frequently.  Once you know your base size, you can figure out which size wrap you will use for each wrap carry.

          Need help learning to use your wrap?

          Join my membership for a step-by-step curriculum of wrap skills to learn with clear video instructions that build on each other so you can learn wrapping easier and faster. Become a member of the Woven Wrap Guild.

          Woven Wrap Sizes by Shirt Size

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