Summer Babywearing and Woven Wraps

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Babywearing in the Summer - a Survival Guide

Summer babywearing in Florida means knowing how to keep everyone comfortable in a baby carrier in hot weather. 

Let me show you some cooler carries to use with your wraps and give you tips for surviving hot weather wrapping so you don’t have to stay in-doors all Summer!

How to Choose a Wrap for Summer Babywearing

The coolest baby carrier: a thin, airy wrap will be more comfortable than a thick, densely woven wrap and because there is no padding or heavy canvas, has the potential for cooler carrying than many other carriers

I don’t recommend stretchy wraps because most are very warm, and they won’t provide the versatility and comfort throughout the first couple of years that you can get from these woven (non stretchy) wraps!

Try a Wrapsody Breeze wrap to stay coolest this Summer

Wrapsody Breeze baby wraps - perfect for Summer Babywearing

Wrapsody Breeze wraps are made from bottom-weight gauze which means they are sturdier than gauze found at a fabric store for more support and comfort, yet still the thinnest, coolest wrapping option around, even in multi-layer carries.  Find your Wrapsody Breeze wrap.

Short Wraps are Cooler in Hot Weather

Another cool option for Summer babywearing is a shortie (shorty?) in a single layer carry.  If you already have a wrap and it’s not the coolest fabric, it’s good to know that a heavier wrap in a single layer carry can be as cool as a thin wrap with multiple layers.  A size 4 will give most parents several front, back, and hip carry options that won’t warm you up as much as a longer wrap. Find more information about short wrap carries and which size wrap will work for a parent of ANY size, here.

One layer carries and nursing on the go make Summer Babywearing possible

Even a thicker wrap is cool enough for Summer in a single layer carry like this Traditional Sling Carry, which you can learn here

Tips for Choosing a Summer Wrap Carry:

  1. A carry that does not tie around your waist can keep you cooler (click on photos below for tutorials).
  2. You can often bunch up instead of spreading a pass in a front carry that has more than one layer – just make sure that baby is secure, supported, and you are both comfy.
  3. For older babies, a back carry usually feels cooler than a chest to chest carry, but you want to be able to see and interact with them enough to know if they are doing well or getting too hot.

Cooler carry suggestions (click on the photo to go to instructions page):

A single layer carry like Kangaroo is the coolest way to wear a baby wrap.

Kangaroo Carry is a front carry that can be used for newborn through toddler with a single layer over baby and open sides for airflow. With a short wrap, tie the carry under your baby’s bottom to avoid a warm strap tied around your waist. This carry can also be done with a longer wrap but you would wrap around your waist to tie in back to use up the extra length.  Learn how to do a Kangaroo Carry with a woven wrap using the photo or video tutorial .

FWCC TUB in a short wrap for Summer

Front Wrap Cross Carry TUB (tied under bottom) is great for all ages especially if you’re already familiar with FWCC and want to try it as a single layer carry with a shorter wrap. .

Dad using short wrap for Semi FWCC

Semi  FWCC is another great front carry for someone who is familiar with FWCC and feels cooler with only two layers over baby and only one shoulder wrapped. Even if you’re totally new to woven wraps, you can learn how to do this short, cool carry..

Rucksack Carry feels cooler for Summer

You can learn to do a Rucksack Carry here – it is a great choice for a back carry in hot weather with only a single layer on baby and rucksack strap on the parent instead of fabric covering any part of your torso.

Double Hammock Rebozo with a short wrap for Summer.

Semi Double Hammock Carry gives you much of the same famous support as a full Double Hammock Carry but with only one shoulder and a much shorter wrap it will leave you feeling much cooler.  Learn to use your wrap in a Semi Double Hammock .

There are also some very short carries (size 2 or 3 wrap for most parents) that are tied at shoulder with no waist belt and no pass over the caregiver’s torso and these are great for hot Summer weather:
Rucksack TAS (tied at shoulder)
Double Sling Carry
Half Jordan’s Back Carry

If you have a longer wrap and are doing Front Wrap Cross Carry, try bunching the crosses at baby’s side to keep some of the layers off baby in hot weather (click the photo to go the the tutorial page where you’ll find instructions for both spread and bunches passes):

Cooler FWCC variation

Try bunching the FWCC crosses to keep baby cooler.

By the way, there are tons of options for how to wrap. So if you want to just learn how to use your wrap in all the ways so you can always choose the one that fits this moment best . . . I have a woven wrap membership where I make wrapping easy and fun.

5 Tips for Sun Protection while babywearing in Summer:

Even the FDA recommends against using sun screen on babies under 6 months old so here are some old fashioned methods of protecting yourself from excessive sun exposure.

  1. find shade frequently or provide your own by using a wide brimmed hat or parasol
  2. cover baby’s legs and arms with light, loose clothing
  3. use your wrap or wrap tails to cover baby (but not baby’s face) while still allowing airflow
  4. Shea Butter and Coconut Oil are safe for babies and both provide some protection
  5. avoid being outside for prolonged periods between 10am and 2pm

6 Tips to Avoid Over-heating in your Summer Baby Carrier:

  1. keep yourself hydrated – drink plenty of water
  2. keep your baby hydrated – if breastfeeding, allow baby to nurse as often as they want, and switch sides as frequently as they like as they will instinctively switch more often when they need more of the watery foremilk; if using formula, baby may need extra when out on hot days or even supplement with water; babies who are eating solids should drink water frequently
  3. sticking to the shade makes a huge difference
  4. make a breeze – use a small clip on fan with foam fan blades, or carry a paper fan with you (or improvise with a magazine)
  5. if using a cooling towel, be attentive to your baby to ensure that he or she is not getting too cold, especially with young babies who are not yet able to regulate temperature well and do not use ice packs or cloths soaked with ice water directly on babies
  6. take breaks – remove baby from wrap and use the wrap as a blanket for you and baby to hang out on for a few minutes in a shady spot
Summer wrapping: keep hydrated!

Babies get hydrated from nursing, formula, or water supplementation; mom and dad or other caregiver should drink plenty of water.

Made in the shade from mama's giant sun hat!

Sunhats can protect delicate skin from the sun, either on baby, or a large brimmed hat on the caregiver . . . or both! .


Bring your own shade when wrapping in the sun.

Bring your own shade when you’re wrapping in hot weather or on a sunny day to protect baby’s skin without having to use sunscreen. Shown with Girasol Barefoot Rainbow, available here.

Taking a break in the shade ON the wrap instead of IN it.

Summer Babywearing lets you include your little one in all the fun Summer outings but it’s important to monitor yours and baby’s heat level and take breaks if necessary.

Babywearing in Hot Weather
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