Simple Rucksack Back Carry with a short or long woven wrapUse your wrap base size -2 for a full Rucksack Carry.
    Scroll down for Rucksack TAS (tied at shoulder) and Rucksack TUB (tied under bottom) –
    ruck variations that can be done with a short wrap: base -3

    Rucksack Carry Video Tutorial

    Toddler Rucksack Carry Video Tutorial

    Rucksack Back Carry
    step by step photo tutorial

      Rucksack Carry Instructions Step 1 - put the center of the wrap at baby's backStep 1.  Center the wrap on baby’s back.

      Rucksack Carry Instructions Step 2 - place baby high on your back and, keeping a hand on baby, tighten each side of the wrap. Step 2.  Place baby on your back and, keeping a hand on baby at all times, snug the wrap around him by pulling on each side of the wrap from top to bottom.

        Rucksack Carry Instructions Step 3 - gather one end and bring it straight down under your arm.Step 3.  Bring one end of the wrap straight down to go under your arm, forming a strap like a backpack (rucksack) strap.

        Rucksack Carry Instructions Step 4 - bring the strap over baby's leg, then under baby's second leg on the other side.Step 4.  Lay the strap over baby’s first leg, behind the knee, then pass it under baby’s second leg (baby’s right leg in this photo) to come around to the other side.  Keeping tension to make sure the wrap around baby stays tight, do the same with the second wrap end so that a cross is formed under baby’s bottom.

          Rucksack Carry Instructions Step 5 - tie in front with a double knot.Step 5.  Bring the two wrap ends together at the front and tie a double knot at your waist.

          Rucksack Carry Back ViewBack View

        Position the wrap so that the top edge extends all the way up baby’s back. It will be right at the armpit if baby prefers to have arms out of the wrap. If baby wants arms in (or for a younger baby who needs that support), bring the top edge f the wrap up to baby’s shoulders.  Bring the bottom edge of the wrap down under baby’s bottom and pull it all the way up to baby’s knees to form a seat.  Aim for having the bunched wrap straps that cross behind your back lay over the bottom edge of the fabric that forms a seat under your child. Baby’s lower legs should be free to swing.

          Rucksack Carry TAS (Tied at Shoulder) for base size -3

          Rucksack Carry TUB (Tied Under Bottom) for base size -3

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