Breastfeeding Hands Free in a Wrap

You can nurse your baby in a cradle position, as you would if you were sitting down cradling baby on your lap, or in an upright position.  Either position is appropriate for a newborn and can be used with older babies and toddlers, too.  However you are nursing, make sure that you can see your baby’s face.  When baby is done nursing, re-position so your baby is wrapped high and tight upright on you once again, and ensure that baby’s face is clear.

You can use any woven wrap for a nursing carry.  If you are new to woven wraps, here are some wraps that I recommend because they are thin which makes them easy to work with and manipulate, and also easiest to use for those of you with young babies.

Any front carry or hip carry can be a nursing carry, and here are some ways to do it and some videos to show you how a carry can be adjusted for nursing:


    This is one use of a Front Cross Carry, and is a great way to start nursing in the wrap, because you are sitting down with baby on your lap and can stop wrapping to adjust baby, then resuming wrapping as convenient:

    With a newborn, I love the Hip Cross Carry for a nursing carry in a cradle position and this can be done with a very short wrap (base size -2):

    Toddler Rebozo Carry, nursing upright or cradle position, can be done with a size 2 wrap:


    The easiest way for many moms to nurse in a wrap is with baby in an upright postiion, as that is how babies are usually already positioned in the wrap. It also can be easier on babies with reflux and is conducive to burping afterwards.

    If you already have a little baby in a Front Cross Carry (FCC), you can lower them down to nurse in an upright position without re-wrapping. This also allows you to switch baby to the other breast without re-wrapping:

    Here’s a short video to show how to tighten up a FCC when baby is done nursing, to bring baby high on your chest where you will both be most comfortable.

    Front Wrap Cross Carry is the most popular front carry with a wrap, so it’s great to know how to easily adjust and nurse in this carry without having to re-wrap:

    Happy Babywearing!

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