Discreet Breastfeeding and Babywearing

Discreet Breastfeeding in Ellevill woven wrap

This is what is known as discreet breastfeeding thanks to a Front Wrap Cross Carry in a Paisley Linger Ellevill wrap.

You can learn some ways to nurse in your woven wrap here 🙂

While it comes easily to some nursing pairs, other moms and babies just don’t breastfeed discreetly.

Sometimes getting the right positioning, latch, and keeping baby focused gets all messed up by trying to use a cover, or position clothes discreetly and the mom ends up with a crying/screaming mess instead of a happily feeding infant or toddler.

Sometimes body size, or bra size, makes discretion very difficult.

Sometimes it’s babies preference for position that interferes with an attempt at discreet breastfeeding.

Some babies refuse to be covered.

Some moms prefer not to cover their babies to allow for better airflow and to keep from overheating.

Sometimes a mom who is not confident that she can manage discreet breastfeeding, or has not found a comfortable way to do it, will just not try nursing in public for fear of humiliation or judgement from strangers (or even family, in many instances).

As a result, some moms will stay home more often and say no to social invitations. They and their babies and/or other children may get less sunshine, fresh air, and exercise, not to mention social interaction.

Other moms may decide to supplement with bottles when they are in public. This may mean using formula, or pumping. Either of which is totally a valid choice, but wouldn’t it be nice if public perception was not one of the factors in making that decision? After all, using bottles is an added chore and formula is an added expense, while pumping can be time consuming.

Some moms choose not to breastfeed solely based on modesty. And I support their choice! But what if we could slowly alter our culture’s comfort with breastfeeding until it was considered modest? What if nursing your baby was absolutely normal and no one ever blinked an eye or suggested you were out of place?

I think the pressure would be lifted off moms who breastfeed and moms who bottle feed. And that would be beautiful <3

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