How to do Hip Cross Carry with a woven wrap

    Pretied Hip Cross Carry (HCC) with a big kid

    Newborn Nursing Hip Cross Carry (tied around baby)

    Hip Cross Carry (HCC)
    step by step photo tutorial

      Hip Cross Carry Step 1Step 1.  Put the center of the wrap over one shoulder (your baby will sit on the opposite hip) and bring one end across your back wide and flat by holding the top edge of the wrap.

      Hip Cross Carry step 2 Step 2.  Cross the two wrap ends at your hip.

        Hip Cross Carry (HCC) step 3Step 3.  Bring both wrap ends around to your opposite hip and tie a double knot.

        Hip Cross Carry (HCC) step 4Step 4.  Or, if using a long wrap, wrap around your waist again before tying.

          Hip Cross Carry (HCC) step 5Step 5.  Pick up your baby (in this case my 3 year old) and insert into cross by putting baby’s forward leg through the cross coming across your chest . . .
          Hip Cross Carry (HCC) step 6Step 6.  Put the baby’s other leg through the cross coming around your back.

            Hip Cross Carry (HCC) step 7Step 7.  Spread the crosses starting with the inner cross so that it extends all the way from one knee . . .

            Hip Cross Carry (HCC) step 8 . . . to the other, and up over your child’s back.

              Hip Cross Carry (HCC) step 9Step 8.  Spread the second cross the same way so it extends to the back of both knees and up baby’s back.

              Hip Cross Carry (HCC) with pre-schoolerDone!
              Baby/Toddler/Preschooler is seated comfortably on your hip with weight distributed across your torso by the wide, flat passes on your back.  A younger baby/toddler can nurse conveniently in this carry.  A baby who is not yet sitting unassisted (able to get into and stay in a seated position alone) should be positioned centered on your chest in this carry, rather than on your hip for appropriate spinal support.

              Hip Cross Carry (HCC) arms in

              Baby’s arms can be tucked inside the wrap – perfect for a young baby, cuddly/sleepy baby, breastfeeding, or for providing more support or preventing leaning.

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