How to do Double Hammock Carry with a woven wrap

    Scroll down for Wendy’s Double Hammock Carry tutorial, Double Hammock Tied at Shoulder (TAS) tutorial, and Double Hammock Tied Under Bottom (TUB) tutorial.

    Toddler Double Hammock Carry tutorial

    Semi Double Hammock tutorial – a Double Hammock variation with a short wrap (base -3)
    this carry was previously called Double Hammock Rebozo (DHR)


    Double Hammock Carry
    step by step photo tutorial

      Double Hammock Carry (DHC), step 1Step 1.  Find the center of your wrap and slide your hand down 18 inches or a couple of feet.
      Double Hammock Carry (DHC), step 2¬†Step 2. ¬†Put the new middle on your baby’s back and put baby on your back (I’m using the hip scoot here).
        Double Hammock Carry (DHC) step 3Step 3. ¬†Center baby on your back and spread the wrap over baby’s back.
        Double Hammock Carry (DHC), step 4Step 4. ¬†Create a seat under your baby’s bottom with knees tucked up. ¬†Bring the short end of the wrap over your shoulder and the long end under the opposite arm.

          Double Hammock Carry (DHC), step 5Step 5.  Bring the long end of the wrap from under your arm, straight across your chest.  Put the short end of the wrap coming over your shoulder between your knees to hold it.
          Double Hammock Carry (DHC) step 6Step 6.  Pass the wrap to your other hand behind your back and spread your hands wide apart so that you can place it over your baby without having to reach so far back.

            Double Hammock Carry (DHC), step 7Step 7. ¬†Place the wrap over baby’s back. ¬†Pull the wrap tight across your chest and feed the slack behind your back. ¬†With your other hand pull the wrap tight across baby to take up the slack.
            Double Hammock Carry (DHC), step 8Step 8. ¬†Take a wrap end in each hand and pull them upwards and outwards (to make a V shape) to tighten the wrap across your torso and across your baby’s back.

              Double Hammock Carry (DHC), step 9Step 9.  Bring both ends over your shoulders and straight down to go under the same arm.
              Double Hammock Carry (DHC), step 10Step 10.¬†Bring the wrap ends behind your back and switch hands to cross the wrap under baby’s bottom.

                Double Hammock Carry (DHC), step 11Step 11. ¬†Bring the wrap ends under your baby’s legs.
                Double Hammock Carry (DHC), step 12Step 12. Bring around your waist and tie a double knot at your waist.

                  Double Hammock Carry (DHC), back viewDouble Hammock Carry: view from behind: baby is in two sling (or hammock) passes.

                  Double Hammock Carry with a little babyDouble Hammock Carry (DHC) is super comfortable and baby has a great view over my shoulder.


                  In a woven wrap Double Hammock Carry, baby’s arms can be tucked inside the wrap – perfect for a young baby or a baby needing head support – or arms and shoulders can be out of the wrap for a baby or toddler who doesn’t want to feel restrained.

                  DHC Variations: Wendy’s Double Hammock Carry Tutorial

                  Wendy’s Double Hammock Carry is a wiggle-proof carry that has the comfortable horizontal torso pass of a DHC but adds an even more¬†secure seat for babies who tend to ‘pop the seat’ by straightening legs to make the passes slide up over their bottoms. ¬†With two passes going between the legs, babies cannot pop this seat!

                  Wrap Size: use your base -1 (size 5 for most moms) or one size smaller than you need for a full DHC.

                   DHC Variations: Centered Double Hammock TAS Tutorial

                  DHC TAS ¬†(tied at shoulder) has the same horizontal chest pass and two hammock passes for baby but instead of a cross between baby’s legs at the end, it has one bunched horizontal pass that goes straight across behind both knees, and then the carry ties at the shoulder. ¬†As a result there is no tie around the waist, and it can be done with a shorter wrap. ¬†This is the centered version of DHC TAS which means you begin with the wrap centered on baby’s back, unlike a standard DHC. Click here for photo tutorial for DHC TAS.

                  Wrap Size: use your base -1 (size 5 for most moms) or one size smaller than you need for a full DHC.

                   DHC Variations: Double Hammock Carry TUB Tutorial

                  DHC TUB (tied under bottom) is similar to DHC TAS (tied at shoulder). ¬†It has the same horizontal chest pass, the same two sling (diagonal) passes over baby, but the two wrap ends come together in the back and knot is tied under baby’s bottom (whereas in the TAS version, one wrap end goes behind and comes around to the front to tie to short end at the shoulder). ¬†This video was made when our family was living in an RV and touring the country. ¬†The Grand Canyon seemed like the perfect backdrop for a quick tutorial since I needed to wrap baby up for a hike on the trail anyway! ¬†I like to think that our chattering daughters (age 2 and 7) provide charming background noise ūüėČ

                  For those interested in Winter Wrapping, I had my son in his jacket and wrapped over him without a jacket on me.  Afterwards I will put our Kindercoat (babywearing coat) over both of us.

                  Wrap Size: use your base -1 (size 5 for most moms) or one size smaller than you need for a full DHC.

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