Too Hot to Wear? A Thin Wrap for Summer Babywearing

12th June, 2018 / Baby Wrap Tips / 2 Comments


Best Baby Carrier for Hot Weather

The best baby carrier for Summer is one that will keep you comfortable in the heat.

You’ve been babywearing for months and you’re not willing to give it up:

Your baby calms immediately once wrapped.

You love the freedom it gives you to get things done.

But suddenly . . . Baby, it’s HOT outside!

Keep Wrapping Comfortably Throughout the Summer Months

Your wrap makes all the difference!

Are you using a stretchy wrap that overheats you both?

Switching to a woven wrap will allow airflow so it’s not so warm to wear.

Not all Woven Wraps are the Same
(when it comes to hot weather)

While linen is well known for being a cooler fabric, you can find all-cotton wraps that are just as breathable.

After wrapping three babies over a decade in Florida, I’ve found that it is the weight and weave that makes a bigger difference than the fiber content.

The Thinnest Woven Wrap

One of my most asked questions is, “Which wrap is thinnest for Summer wrapping?”

I made this video to answer the question. I compare several wrap brands and show you visually which is thinnest. You will be able to see for yourself which wrap will be most comfortable in hot weather!

For those of you who want to skip the video, here’s the short version:

Wrapsody Breeze wraps are made from 100% cotton gauze that is sturdier than most gauze. Yet much, much thinner and lighter than other woven wraps. Wrapsody Breeze wraps are my top recommendation for Summer Babywearing.

More about the best baby carrier for Summer – Wrapsody Breeze – in this video where I can’t help gushing over it just a bit 😛

Check out all the Wrapsody Breeze designs here

If you are getting a Wrapsody Breeze, or if you need some tips for surviving Summer in the baby carrier you already have, you will be so glad to have these tips for staying cool in hot weather – what to wear, which carries to do, and how to deal with the sun so you and your baby stay safe and comfortable this Summer!

More Summer Babywearing Tips
for whatever baby carrier you have

Click here to buy a wrap. Thank you for your business! This is how I support my family. - Diana ❤️


  • Leann January 18, 2020 at 6:21 pm

    My husband just bought me a wrapsody wrap, the one in the top picture. But the fabric doesn’t feel soft or slinky. It feels stiff and almost scratchy. I don’t think it is actually scratchy, but it does feel stiff. Any suggestions on softening it up? I don’t need it for a few more weeks, so I have washed it several times. That doesn’t seem to have softened it up thought.


    • DianaR January 19, 2020 at 8:48 pm

      Hi, Leann – because it is gauze, it has that scratchy feel at first. It will always stay crinkly, but you can start using it, sitting on it, tying it in knots, and just beating up on it to soften it up in time for your little one!


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