Kangaroo Carry Tutorial with a short or long woven wrap

    Newborn Kangaroo Carry Tutorial

    Toddler Kangaroo Carry Tutorial with Sign Language

    Kangaroo Carry
    step by step photo tutorial

      Kangaroo Carry - center wrap with ends over shoulders.Step 1.  To begin Kangaroo Carry, center the wrap over baby’s back. Put both ends over your shoulders.

      Kangaroo Carry Step 2 - flip the shoulders Step 2.  Flip the wrap at your shoulder by reaching underneath to grab the hem closest your neck and pulling it out toward the ball of your shoulder.  The bottom edge of the wrap (under baby’s bottom) now goes straight up toward your shoulder.

        Kangaroo Carry Step 3 - close up of the shoulder flipStep 3.  Flip the second shoulder (remember the hem near your neck comes under).

        Kangaroo Carry Tutorial step 4 - bring one wrap end across your back.Step 4.  Reach behind you, underneath one wrap end to grab the edge of the wrap coming over your opposite shoulder. Note that because of the shoulder flip, the back of the wrap (darker side) is now showing on your back.

          Kangaroo Carry Tutorial step 5 - Pull the wrap across your back.Step 5.  Pull that wrap end across your back.  Holding onto just the top rail (edge) of the wrap ensures that the wrap will lay flat on your back instead of getting twisted.

          Kangaroo Carry Tutorial Step 6 - bring wrap around to the front.Step 6.  Bring the end of the wrap around your hip to the front. Hold it under baby’s bottom.  Repeat with the other wrap end.

            Kangaroo Carry Instructions Step 7 - bring the other end of the wrap across your back.Step 7.  Tighten the rail (edge) of the wrap that scoops up under baby’s bottom. You do this by pulling on the top rail (edge) as it comes across your back. (The bottom edge became the top edge when you did the shoulder flips).  Carefully tighten all along the width from both sides of the wrap. Do so until the wrap around your baby is snug and secure.

            Kangaroo Carry Instructions Step 8 - pull out the slack in the top rail.Step 8.  Tighten the top rail (edge of the wrap) by pulling the slack out from the outside rail at the shoulder. Switch hands and pull on the bottom edge of the wrap where it comes around your opposite hip.  See the video above for a good demonstration of how to get the slack out of the carry.

              Kangaroo Carry Instructions Step 9 - tie the knotStep 9.  Tightening the wrap around baby snugly. Then tie the two ends in a double knot under baby’s bottom.

              Back view of Kangaroo Carry with Woven WrapThe cross on your back should be wide and flat (not twisted). This will provide the most comfort and best weight distribution.

              Keep baby close enough to kiss

              Baby should be high on your chest and close enough to kiss.  Make sure baby’s face is visible at all times and not covered by fabric.

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