My First Front Carry 3 Day (5 dollar) Challenge will help you learn your first front carry with your wrap so it is EASY and comfortable and you can do it by yourself any time.

If you already wrap your baby but are having trouble getting it secure or comfortable, or if your baby hates it, this challenge will solve that for you.

Minimal time commitment, big results. Plus, I’ll be there to help you troubleshoot! Sign up below to be notified the next time I open the challenge:

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What’s in the Challenge?

Day 1: A woven wrap is LONG and can be overwhelming when you’re brand new. I’ll show you how to manipulate it and position it and tighten it gracefully and easily so it won’t seem so intimidating anymore!

Day 2: I will show you safe baby positioning for different ages and how to keep your baby in that safe positioning in your wrap so you never have to worry!

Day 3: Let’s make sure you can wrap your baby easily and confidently any time and every time when this challenge is over – AND HELP YOUR BABY LIKE IT!

(Catch up days included in case you miss any of the above).

Feedback from Moms:

This Challenge is for you if any of these sound familiar:

  1. You are brand new to woven wraps and don’t know where to start.
  2. You struggle with getting the wrap tight enough – or is it too tight??
  3. You are not sure if you are doing it right or if your baby is positioned correctly.
  4. Your baby cries and doesn’t seem to like the wrap.

This Challenge is not for you if:

  1. You do not have a woven wrap (a stretchy wrap won’t work for this challenge).
  2. You already know how to do Front Wrap Cross Carry and do not need help with it.