3 Layer Wiggleproof Toddler Carry

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Do you have a heavy toddler, a long woven wrap, and the desire to wrap comfortably without killing your shoulders?

Here’s a supportive back carry you’re going to love.

ESPECIALLY when you see how it prevents leg-straightening AND leaning.

That’s right, here’s your new toddler jail . . . but with cuddles 🥰

Go watch this video and you’ll see what I mean!

Use your base size wrap, or base minus 1 or even base plus 1 (like I did in this video).

And before I go into sizing, I need to let you know that this carry is a more advanced back carry so if you are newer to wrapping, join my free group Wrap Club Community and learn the beginner basics before you jump into this one!

If you don’t know what “base” means or how to choose your wrap size, let’s chat a moment:

Your BASE SIZE is the wrap size that will fit you best for a full length carry, without excess fabric.

It’s the size you need to do a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) and if you already have a wrap and want to know if it is your base size, try wrapping a FWCC right now, tie a double knot behind your back.

Is it long enough but not too long? That’s your base size.

Are the tails unnecessarily long hanging down from the knot? If the fabric hanging from the knot in both tails added together is more than 25 inches (64 cm), your wrap is longer than your base size.

Or maybe your wrap is too short for you to tie a full double knot but almost? Or you can tie a double knot if you suck in your gut? Your wrap is Base Minus 1 (base -1) meaning it’s one size smaller than your base size.

If it’s way too short, you have a wrap that is Base Minus 2 (base -2) or even smaller (base -3, base -4, etc).

If you don’t have a wrap yet, use this chart to determine the size that is most likely going to be your base size:

Woven Wrap Sizing Chart - What is My Base Size?

Once you know your base size you can decide what size to get.

Want to do full length carries? Get your Base Size.

Want to do shorter carries? I find Base Minus 1 to be a very useful size that allows you to do just as many carries as a longer wrap.

And now that you know what size to get, visit my store to buy one of these beautiful and comfortable wraps. My exclusive Girasol wraps are easy to use – great for beginners and excellent for newborn through toddlers 🙂

Want more hand holding as you pick out and learn to use a wrap, or for learning more advanced ways of wrapping? I built my membership Woven Wrap Guild just for you! Check it out.

I don’t know when you’re reading this, but I’m hoping it was the help you needed today. I would very much appreciate it if you drop a comment and let me know if this was helpful or what help you are looking for.

Happy Wrapping! -Diana

Click here to buy a wrap. Thank you for your business! This is how I support my family. - Diana ❤️

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