Poppable Carries with a Woven Wrap

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Poppable Carry in a Woven Wrap
– as Fast and Easy as a Ring Sling

Poppable Carry to Use Your Woven Wrap Like a Ring Sling

When you learn a poppable carry with your woven wrap, you get the same functionality as a Ring Sling!

Many parents love Ring Slings for quick errands. This is because you can quickly slip on and adjust a Ring Sling. This ease-of-use makes them popular for a day that will have a lot of ins and outs such as errand day or any day when baby rides in the car between several stops.

A “poppable” carry is a way of tying your woven wrap that makes it easy to take baby out of the carry and put baby back into the carry without having to retie and with minimal adjustment. In other words, you can “pop” your baby in and out of the carry 🙂

Note on Terminology: You might also hear wrapping parents refer to an “unpoppable carry” or “unpoppable seat.” Counter-intuitively, this is not the opposite of a poppable carry. It means something totally different. Some babies tend to straighten their legs and can make it difficult to keep a deep seat in the wrap under them. If the seat is not secure, this movement can cause the wrap to slip around baby’s bottom and up to baby’s back, with baby’s bottom popping out the bottom. An unpoppable carry is one that is tied in a way that makes it impossible for a baby to “pop the seat”.

A Poppable Carry Lets You Keep All the Advantages of a Woven Wrap

  • unparalleled support for the most comfort
  • ability to use for front, hip, or back carries
  • the option of multiple layers for rock solid carries
  • ability to cross between baby’s legs so they cannot pop the seat
  • functionality for differently sized care givers
  • myriad carrying options for newborns, toddlers & big kids
  • versatility for wearing with various disabilities

You Don’t Need a Second Carrier

Poppable Woven Wrap Carry Works as a Ring Sling

A woven wrap is the most versatile baby carrier. You can do anything with a woven wrap that you can do with any other carrier.

So let me show you how to do a poppable carry that will be fast and easy for errand day!

Poppable Carries for Your Woven Wrap

When the name of the carry is underlined, I have linked to a tutorial page with photo and video tutorials. Additionally, I have provided a video for each carry directly under the name of each carry. So you don’t have to go anywhere to find out how to do it!

Front Cross Carry (FCC) is my favorite and has a cross on your chest that baby sits in. You will put one of baby’s legs through each diagonal pass and the wrap goes under baby’s bottom and between the legs. Then you simply spread each pass around baby’s bottom and back.

Front Cross Carry is a Poppable Carry

Several variations of FCC are poppable, too:

Semi Front Wrap Cross Carry is a Poppable Carry

Short Cross Carry is a Poppable Carry

Knotless Front Cross Carry is a Poppable Carry


Hip Carries can be poppable, too:

Hip Cross Carry (HCC) is a Poppable Carry

Robins Hip Carry (RHC) is a Poppable Carry

Coolest Hip Cross Carry is a Poppable Carry

If you have a short wrap (size 2 or 3, or a traditional Mexican Rebozo), you have a great option for a poppable carry. This is actually the carry that Ring Slings were designed to emulate!

For many of us, a slip knot is the simplest way to work with the fabric. It avoids having to learn to thread the rings and you don’t have to worry about the fabric bunching in the rings either.

A Traditional Sling Carry is adjusted differently from a Ring Sling. Any slack in the fabric should be worked around to the back and up over your shoulder to pull straight down through the knot at your collarbone.

Note on Terminology: We used to call Traditional Sling Carry a Rebozo Carry. That old term is still used in many places on the internet. The name was changed so as not to confuse the true meaning of rebozo – a hand woven shawl with specific weaves and patterns that is used for many things outside of babywearing. We changed our terminology out of respect for the rich history and cultural significance of the rebozo in Meso-American culture.

Traditional Sling Carry (TSC) is a Poppable Carry

How to Wrap to Get Errands Done

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  • Michelle January 4, 2018 at 8:30 am

    Are any of these great for 3yo?


    • DianaR January 4, 2018 at 11:17 pm

      Back carries are almost always more convenient and comfortable with a 3 year old. At that age they tend to butt heads with you in a front carry! Unfortunately, I don’t know any way to “pop” a kid into a back carry.

      And there are certainly times when a front carry is needed. Great for nursing or cuddling a sick or clingy little one! I’d say Hip Cross Carry would work well for a 3 year old and they would be less in your face. And if you want a true front carry, try Front Cross Carry. But feel free to try any of these and see what works for you!


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