How to do Robin's Hip Carry with a Woven Wrap

    Robins Hip Carry video with
    Lenny Lamb Colors of Heaven wrap:


    Robins Hip Carry can be done on either shoulder and if you use it often, it is wise to switch off shoulders.

    The photos for this tutorial were done with a 4.6 meter wrap. It can be done with a much shorter wrap when tied under baby’s bottom: see Step 13 below.

     Robins Hip Carry (RHC)
    (tied under bottom or crossed and tied in back)
    Step by Step Photo Tutorial

      How to Wrap Robin's Hip Carry Around BabyStep 1. Place the middle of your wrap over one shoulder (will be using right shoulder in this tutorial).  Hold your baby with your right arm and reach behind your back with your left arm to grab the top edge of the wrap.

      Bring wrap across your back for Robin's Hip Carry step 2 Step 2. Pull the top edge of the wrap around
      your back and around your left hip.

        Create a Seat for Robin's Hip Carry step 3Step 3. Bring the wrap under your left arm and create a good seat under baby by positioning knees higher than bottom and making sure there is a good amount of wrap tucked under his bottom and extending all the way to both knees so some is actually up between your two bodies.

        Spread wrap high on baby's back, Robin's Hip Carry step 5Step 4. Keeping the seat in place,
        pull the top of the wrap up to baby’s shoulders.

          Cross the wrap OVER the end coming over your shoulder for Robin's Hip Carry step 7Step 5. Cross the wrap coming around baby
          OVER the wrap coming from over your shoulder.

          Loop the shoulder wrap end up over the cross and back over the same shoulder for Robin's Hip Carry step 8Step 6. And bring the end that was coming from over your shoulder back up and over the same shoulder so it makes a loop around the end of the wrap that is around your baby.

            Pull the wrap across your back for Robin's Hip Carry step 10Step 7.  Now hold your baby and the one wrap end in your right arm and bring your left arm around your back to grab the top edge of the wrap hanging over your shoulder. Pull to take up the slack and tighten up the carry in front.

            Bring wrap under your arm to the front for Robins Hip Carry step 11Step 8.  Bring the wrap under your arm and gather it in front (it should come over baby’s right leg).

              Tie both ends in a knot under baby for Robins Hip Carry step 12Step 9.  Tie a double knot under your baby’s bottom if you are using a short wrap and you’re done!

              Robins Hip Carry with twist positioningThis photo is a better example of the most comfortable positioning of the twist which you should aim for having up closer to your shoulder.  Work on placement in steps 6, 7, and 8 by pulling on the wrap coming over your shoulder from the twist until the twist is hiked up to just below your shoulder – just check it frequently as you do the carry and re-adjust to bring it higher anytime it creeps lower.

              OR if you have a long wrap, complete the Robin’s Hip Carry with a cross and tie behind like this:

                Cross two wrap ends under baby for Robin's Hip Carry step 13Instead of tying a knot under bottom, cross the two wrap ends and bring under each of baby’s legs.

                 Tie behind your back for Robin's Hip Carry step 14Bring under your baby’s legs and to the back where you can tie your double knot or square knot.

                Hip Carry or Centered Chest CarryUse Robin’s Hip Carry as a hip carry or a front carry.

                As with all wrap carries, baby’s arms can be tucked in with the wrap pulled up for head support, or when head support is not needed (older or alert baby), arms can be out of the wrap if baby prefer’s that.

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