Front Cross Carry (FCC), base size wrap
& Knotless Front Cross Carry, base size -1

Front Cross Carry is an easy carry to pre-tie and then pop the baby in and out of as you go about your day, for newborn through toddler.

How to tie Front Cross Carry and insert baby:

Putting baby into and taking baby out of a pre-tied FCC:

Front Cross Carry
& Knotless Front Cross Carry
Photo Tutorial Instructions

    Benedicte has demonstrated using an Ellevill Zara Curry wrap in the above tutorial.  Ellevill wraps are thin and airy, with an open weave that makes them very supple so they conform perfectly to your baby’s shape, and also allows for airflow so these wraps are great for Summer.  The all-cotton or linen blends are strong and supportive for all ages and weights of baby or toddler, while the bamboo blends are super soft for younger babies.

    Knotless Front Cross Carry Video Tutorial:
    (Thank you for the video, Ally!)

     Ally is using a Rainbow Baby Easycare wrap in the video.  Easycare wraps are thin but strong and supportive, perfect for babies and toddlers of all ages and for hot climates or individuals who run hot.  They are also soft and easy to use, a wrap I recommend for beginners.  A wrap with stripes can also help a new wrapper keep the wrap straight (untwisted) and to tighten effectively since they can see which color is the one that has slack in it and needs to be pulled out!

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