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Girasol Rainbow Baby Custom Woven Wrap


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        • choose your weft color
        • choose thin weave or thick toddler weave
        • choose tapered or fringed ends
        • choose a matching wrap bag or sling bag
        • choose whether to get personalized wrap help
        • handwoven and Fair Trade
        • FREE US Shipping
        • Direct European Shipping also available and discounted international shipping
        • You MUST tell me which weft color you want – in the order notes when you check out, or email me: diana@wrapyourbaby.com

I will send your specific order preferences to the weaver to begin weaving and it should be finished and delivered to you in late August or September.

This special deal includes:

  • 100% personalized and customized Girasol Rainbow Baby wrap that will be handwoven specifically for you in the color, length, and thickness
  • a beautiful and useful coordinated wrap bag made from your customized fabric
  • bonus video to show you all the options for nursing in your wrap
  • bonus video demonstrating different ways to get baby on your back and start back wrapping
  • AND a bonus video for pregnant back wrapping with your toddler
  • personal wrapping consultation and assistance from me with over a decade of my experience at your disposal

For the first time you can totally personalize your wrap from the color, to the length, to the thickness (or thinness) that suits you best! Even select fringe or hemmed ends so you end up with a wrap that is perfect for you.

Rainbow Baby is already a unique artisan piece, as it is handwoven on traditional looms in Guatemala . . . but now it is truly unique as it will be woven to your specifications and there may not be any other wrap exactly like it.

Girasol Rainbow Baby is a brand new design created for me by the amazing Kalleigh Designs. This is a true rainbow made to celebrate the babies that bring light and color back into our lives after a loss . . . and is just a stunning rainbow to wrap any baby! Depending on the weft color you choose for your own personalized Rainbow Baby wrap, your rainbow may be rosier, brighter, darker, lighter, purpler, etc, to suit your preference.


The rainbow stripes in the Rainbow Baby design are called “warp threads” and they are the most prominent colors.

The weft are the threads that run across the warp threads, going over and under the warp. In the Rainbow Baby pictures above, the warp runs right to left and the weft runs up and down. The weft color has a more subtle effect on the wrap, changing the tint of the rainbow striped warp threads.

Rainbow Baby is woven with a twill weave which means the weft is very subtle and the solid rainbow stripes are plain. It means the colors of the rainbow are bolder. You can see a close up picture below of a different Girasol design that is woven in twill. The weft color is red and while you can see it throughout the weave in a closeup, it will not be noticeable when you step back. From a few feet away, you won’t see red stitches in the green and yellow stripes. It will simply give the wrap a rosier look (if a red weft), or a pastel look (for a cream weft), or a brighter look (if yellow weft), or a more jewel toned look (with a black weft).




Woven Wrap Sizing Chart - What is My Base Size?

This graphic will help you identify your base size – the wrap length you would use for full length carries.

You can choose to get your base size for the widest range of carries, or a shorter length for shorter carries with fewer layers. 2 sizes smaller than your base size is a good size for still having a lot of options if you prefer less fabric.

Or get any size you prefer.


Choose standard weave (thin) if you are a new wrapper or have a small baby.
Choose toddler weave (thick) only if you have already wrapped, have a toddler, and know you want an especially thick wrap.

Girasol’s Standard Weave is one of my favorite wraps to sell because it is soft, floppy, and easy to use – even for brand new wrappers. It also wraps beautifully around a newborn baby or small baby. But it is still comfortable and supportive through toddlerhood.

Standard weave (thin) twill wraps are especially suited for beginners, they are easy to wrap and easy to care for. They work well with newborns and toddlers, but you may prefer multiple layers when wrapping a toddler.

For those who are familiar with g/m² (or gsm) measurements (grams per square meter – a measure of fabric weight), the Girasol twill standard weave is approximately 215.84 g/m².

Girasol’s Toddler Weave – or Double Weft – is a thick and super supportive weave made sturdy because it has twice as many weft threads running through the weave. It is excellent for toddler support for those who want the most sturdy wrap. But it is stiff brand new, and can be difficult to use until broken in so I don’t recommend it for new wrappers. It is also not very good for wrapping around newborns.

Double weft wraps are recommended for babies over 18 lbs. Before that, double weft may be too thick and too heavy for the little ones. Also, especially at the beginning, double weft wraps lack that blankety feel – they need some breaking in, but change their grip and feel much softer as soon as they have had some loving care.

The fabric weight of double weft twill wrap is measured at approximately 294.54 g/m².


Girasol wraps are usually finished with hemmed, tapered ends on the wrap but I am able to offer you a choice between two finishes for further customization!

You can choose the hemmed, tapered ends.


Or you can choose fringed ends.

This is purely an aesthetic preference – it’s up to which you like the looks of best!


Along with your wrap, you will get a bag made from the Rainbow Baby fabric woven for your specific wrap. It is a roomy bag to fit everything you need and can be worn cross body or on one shoulder. If the straps are too long, just make a knot to shorten them.

Width: app. 43 cm
Length: app. 43 cm
Length of straps: app. 113cm

Your bag will match your wrap that you have customized. Here is an example of what the bag will look like, made from a green/brown wrap:

SLING BAG: You can pay extra to upgrade to a sling bag. The body of the bag is the same size, but the strap is longer and uses sling rings so it’s perfectly adjustable.

Girasol’s sling bag is a wonderful alternative to the traditional diaper bag for all parents. Incredible space to take everything with you with room for lots of diapers and clothes, wet wipes, water bottles and much more. There are no hard straps and pinching buckles.

The bag has two inside pockets: one is 26 cm wide, the other 16 cm. There is also a compartment for a bottle. The bag can be closed with a button, which is covered with the matching fabric, and a loop. Thanks to the long strap and the rings you can easily adjust the length of the strap 🙂

Width: 42 cm
Length: app. 43 cm
Length of strap: 155 cm
Width of strap: 19 cm

Your bag will be made from the same material as your customized wrap so it will match your wrap. Here’s an example of a Sling Bag made from gray wrap fabric:

Girasol Rainbow Baby is easy to use and care for

This wrap is 100% cotton so it is easy to care for and does not need babying. The Girasol Rainbow Baby wrap can be machine washed, may be ironed and occasionally – if haste is required – even dried in tumble-driers.

Girasol Rainbow Baby– different color rails

Because of the rainbow stripes, Rainbow Baby makes it easy to keep track of your rails – meaning that you always know which side of the wrap is which and can tell if it had become twisted.

You can wrap with either the Reds on top or the Violet, and can see whether the wrap has been twisted by whether that color remains on top as you bring it around your body. This helps you get a smooth and even wrap carry that will stay comfortable for hours with even heavy toddlers!

Woven Wraps Compared to Other Baby Carriers

Woven wraps are the best way to carry your baby close from newborn through toddler so you never have to size up and they never outgrow it!

They are always a custom fit so there’s no adjustments when a different caregiver needs to use it or when your baby grows. No attachments or accessories, no buckles or weight bearing seams – just beautiful hand-woven fabric for the most comfort and versatility.

You are sure to love the convenience of hands free comfort and a content baby!

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Choose your wrap size based on:
1. your size
2. the carries you wish to do

If you want to do the full range of carries, find your base size from this chart:



Free Shipping by USPS Priority Mail so you should have your wrap 2-4 working days from when you place your order. Add diana@wrapyourbaby.com to your Safe Senders list to make sure you receive your confirmation with tracking information.


Most of my international shipments are sent by USPS Priority Mail International with a discounted shipping rate of $26 for most European and Australian shipments and $30 for most Canadian shipments. I ship worldwide - put a wrap in the cart and enter your shipping address to get a shipping quote.

USPS Priority International reports a shipping time of 6 - 10 business days to most major markets. That means that if you live far from a major city, it may take a little longer.

I am not responsible for any customs fees that may be charged on international packages.


I offer a payment plan to help budget for a wrap that you can afford. Purchase your wrap with the layaway option to make a 25% down payment. At this time the wrap is taken out of inventory and reserved for you so no one else can buy it.

You will be invoiced by email for the same amount once a month for the next 3 months, and when it is paid in full, I will ship your wrap to you. Make sure to add diana@wrapyourbaby.com to your Safe Senders list and/or check your spam folder if you don't receive your invoice.

Please note that you are required to make monthly payments and if you cannot make a payment or the payment will be late, make sure to contact me by email at diana@wrapyourbaby.com so that we can work something out.

If I do not receive your payment when due and cannot reach you by email, I reserve the right to cancel your layaway and return the item to inventory. If you want to be refunded for a cancelled layaway wrap, you must contact me.


Unless otherwise specified, you may return a wrap in like-new, unwashed condition for an exchange or full refund for any reason, within 30 days of purchase.

To return a wrap or other item, please email me at diana@wrapyourbaby.com so that I can send you the return address.

If you are expecting or purchasing for an expecting mother, let me know the date of birth or adoption and I will count the 30 day period from that time. Let me know about any other unusual circumstances so that I can work with you fairly.

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