Wear a Newborn & a Toddler in 1 Wrap

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Tandem Babywearing is not just for twin moms – any parent trying to keep up with a toddler while caring for a newborn will appreciate being able to wear a newborn and a toddler at the same time.

wear a baby and a toddler at the same time in a baby carrier wrap

Usually tandem wearing a toddler and baby at once requires two baby carriers.

Woven wraps are the most versatile for this, though you can also pair a wrap with a buckle carrier if that’s the combination you already have or are most familiar with.

A woven wrap is the only single baby carrier that can be safely used to wear a newborn and a toddler without needing two.

To make this work without the heavier child’s weight pulling on the younger baby, it’s important to tie a knot after wrapping up the heavier child. Then use the excess wrap to wrap up the smaller baby.

I have an entire unit on tandem wrapping – and different ways to do it with different ages – in my paid wrapping membership, Woven Wrap Guild.

Here’s a sneak peek of a cool tandem carry for you from that section of my membership:

You can try this carry yourself.

ONE: learn a Rucksack Carry Tied at Shoulder or another back carry that tied at the shoulder such as Rear Reinforced Rucksack (RRR), Double Sling, or Half Jordans Back Carry (HJBC).

Here’s how to do Rucksack TAS (tied at shoulder):

Here’s how to do Rear Reinforced Rucksack:

TWO: Wrap your toddler up in a tied-at-shoulder carry and tie your knot with one short end and one long end. Make sure the carry is secure.

THREE: Thread the long tail through the opposite strap.

FOUR: Put your baby in the pouch and continue wrapping as shown in the above tandem video.

Come back and tell me how it goes in the comments!

And, oh yeah, FIVE: Join Woven Wrap Guild to learn all the wrapping skills with me. You’ll love it and I would love to see you there!

Woven Wrap Guild Newspaper

I hope this will help you know how to carry your newborn and toddler or baby and toddler at the same time to save your sanity and free your hands!

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