Farm Babywearing – Woven Wraps & a Farming Family

Farm Babywearing: Parents wrap toddlers on horse farm

photo by Petal & Vine Photography

Tatyana relates her experiences with farm babywearing – wrapping her babies and toddlers as she and her husband Frank, always adventurous, embark on the adventure of farming:

With two babies 13 months apart, babywearing has saved my sanity way too many times! Me and my husband met hiking the Appalachian Trail, so backpacking is what we love the best. Only when babywearing your load is much more precious than a load of camping equipment. Read More

Babywearing: Beneficial or the Biological Norm?

Babywearing is the Biological Norm

Yesterday the Canadian Babywearing School posted this Facebook status update:

Do you know that there are NO benefits to babywearing? It’s the biological norm and being carried and kept close is the minimum babies expect at birth. When we use language like “benefits”, we establish babywearing as a nice extra (like a university fund or tennis lessons) instead of the normal behaviour that carrying is. Change our language, change the world!

How can you say there are no benefits to babywearing?

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Fitness and Community with Babywearing Ballet

Making Fitness Fun for Moms with Babywearing Ballet Classes
Wrapping moms know that life can carry on (pun intended) with baby in tow and that the experiences had in a wrap enrich baby’s physical and cognitive growth far more than sitting on the sidelines.

Wrapping your baby is a great way to keep both mother and baby in fine physical fettle and any gentle activity will be comfortable and soothing to your wrapped baby. Bonus points for a fun activity that gives mom an opportunity to build community and engage with grown-up friends!

Wrapping dance instructor demonstrates for ballet class.

Ballet Instructor describing how the mothers in the babywearing ballet class should point their feet as they arabesque across the room.

Ballet Bar Work with wrapped and worn babies.

Folding chair were used when the standing bars were all filled up.

Babywearing ballet with Ergo and wrapping moms.

You can use any safe and ergonomic carrier for a babywearing dance or fitness class, although wraps are the most flexible both in terms of lack-of-structure and ability to customize the carry to compliment your activity and body preferences!

Wrapsody Breeze Morgaine hugs baby against wrapping mom's body during ballet class.

Babies are soothed by being wrapped against you during the motion of your day, so why not do something fun and artistic as well as active while your baby snoozes?


Wrapsody Breeze wraps are light and flexible; great for active lifestyles!

Mothers and babies practicing ballet walks across the room. Wrapsody Breeze wraps are light and cool, perfect for active families with babies.

Double Hammock Carry for a Second Arabesque in Babywearing Ballet

Baby watches the class from mama's back in a Double Hammock Carry as she demonstrates a Second Arabesque.

Wrapped snugly in Front Wrap Cross Carry for Babywearing Ballet.

A snug wrap job in Wrapsody Breeze Ada keeps baby secure while practicing curtseys.

Back wrapping while teaching babywearing ballet!

Elizabeth Bedore, our talented Babywearing Ballet Instructor, wearing Wrapsody Breeze Kimber.

Most of the wraps used in this class were Wrapsody Breeze wraps which are so light and thin that they are much appreciated here in Florida, and also lend themselves expertly to work out activities.

Most of the mothers have their babies wrapped in either a Double Hammock Back Carry or a Front Wrap Cross Carry variation.  Any secure carry will work.  A back carry is most convenient for bending and raising legs but front carries should be used by anyone not already a competent back wrapper and it is easy for a babyweaing instructor to adjust the class to fit the needs of the moms.  A knowledgeable instructor will keep the motions of the class gentle and smooth, and advise mothers not to overreach while doing the double workout of ballet and babywearing.

Back carries wrapped a little lower rather than super-high on mom’s back may be more convenient for an activity such as this and keep you better balanced.

Palm Harbor Florida is lucky to have a mom-owned business dedicated to bringing fitness and community to moms in a family oriented environment.  If you are in the area you will want to visit Om Sweet Om and discover all the classes available.

If you are anywhere else in the world, find your local babywearers and see if you can find a qualified individual who wants to start a class!

Babywearing, older siblings, and Christmas cookies!

The best wrapping times involve baby in family traditions while freeing up enough of mama’s attention for the other children to get full mileage out of all the holiday fun!

So without further ado . . .

How to Keep Your Sanity while Decorating Christmas Cookies with Young Children


  • Don’t get over-ambitious; make the dough in advance, cut and bake the cookies with kids one day and wait until the next day for cookie decorating.
  • Don’t stress fitting as many cookies as possible on one piece of rolled out dough – let them stick them anywhere and be willing to roll it out new more often!
  • Use squeeze bottles so even very young kids can work them.
  • Put sprinkles in bowls with spoons to keep sticky fingers out (as much as possible).
  • Give each child a plate with a rim to decorate on to catch excess sprinkles.  It will keep your floor from getting quite as messy, and give you more sprinkles you can use for cookies.
  • Don’t try to control the creative process.  Young children might paint the Christmas Tree cookie red instead of green but trying to control how they decorate will take the fun out of it for everyone.  Do, however, feel free to demonstrate the art of “less is more” as often kids can understand and follow that while still making their own decorating decisions.
  • Let everyone sample the cookies!
  • When you’re done with the project, but the cookies out of sight and out of reach, have a bathroom or wet rags ready to wash everyone’s hands thoroughly and have a next activity ready to engage them and keep them out of the kitchen while you clean up!


Young Children Love Using Cookie Cutters

Remember this is about fun with your kids - not efficiency!

Tips for happy cookie-decorating with kids!

Picking which cookie to decorate is part of the fun!

Use Squeeze bottles for colored frosting when decorating cookies with kids.

If you make your own frosting, you can get squeeze bottles at arts and craft stores in the cake decorating aisle or tie-dye section.

Re-using excess sprinkles when decorating Christmas Cookies with Children.

Definitely re-use the excess sprinkles or you'll go through your sprinkles in no time!

Toddler sneaks a bite of a Christmas cookie.

Plan to let them have one right away!

Sharing Christmas Cookie with Dad

Of course it is better to give than to receive so encourage generosity, too!

Baking Christmas Cookies undecorated

Christmas cookies decorated by kids.

Picture Perfect - Merry Christmas!

Holiday Letter from Diana of Wrap Your Baby

Baby Annabelle in Diana's belly before she is born on Christmas Day

Annabelle was born on Christmas Day in 2009

Speaking as someone who birthed a baby girl in my living room in front of a decorated tree on Christmas Day 5 years ago, I can tell you that some gifts are better than others.  Nothing trumps a sweet, apple-cheeked baby!

And while you don’t have to have a wrap to find a way to keep your baby close, the gift of making it easier to fill baby’s needs and giving a mother back the use of her arms, hands, and legs is very real and valuable.


I feel so strongly about what wrapping can do for families that I have created a very specific plan to ensure that I can provide the most help possible to families getting wraps for themselves or others during the busy holiday season, and I am going to do my best to help families get the most out of their wraps during the many activities and concerns that are frequently engaged in at this time of year including shopping, family gatherings, extra housework, cold weather, consumerism, and too-common cases of over-scheduling and stress.
  • Look for helpful, new, holiday Pinterest boards . . .
  • Serve your fellow mom by sharing your tips for happy, stress free, wrapping holidays.  Just comment below with your holiday tips and I’ll add your tips to my Inspiration for Stress Free Holidays.
  • Keep an eye out for special promotions, giveaways and deals this season. Signing up for my newsletter is the best way to make sure you don’t miss these.
  • Watch for some great wraps that I will be stocking in the next month that can be had for less cash but are just as cuddly, convenient and comfortable!
  • And expect to see more blog posts to help you get the most out of wrapping while you navigate shopping, baking, parties, family, and fun.

2014 Wrap Your Baby Holiday Schedule:


Thursday, 27 November THANKSGIVING – post offices are closed so wraps will ship on Friday, 28 November.  US customers who order on 26 or 27 November can expect to receive their wraps by Tuesday, 2 December. As always, fast US shipping is free in the US, and international shipping is discounted.  International customers should receive them about 2 weeks after placing your order.


Friday, 28 November BLACK FRIDAY – the day after Thanksgiving is traditionally a big Christmas shopping day and a big sale day.  Other than shipping orders, I will not be working on Black Friday so I have decided to set up a Black Friday sale that will go into effect automatically from 12am (midnight) EST on 28 Nov to 12am (midnight) EST on Saturday 29 Nov.
I hope these great deals will make up for my not being present for business as usual while I spend the day with my children – you can check the store on Friday to see great sale prices!
Because I will be spending Thursday and Friday with my children, some emails will not be answered until the weekend when I will carve out some time specifically for responding to Wrap Your Baby business.  I know, just because it’s a United States holiday does not mean that moms’ needs and demands get a break and I don’t want to leave you hanging long with wrapping questions that may make the holidays go smoother for you!

Saturday, 29 November SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY – To celebrate all our customers that shop small businesses all year round, I have put together a reward at my store for those of you who shop in your local stores on Small Biz Satuday!


Monday, 1 December CYBER MONDAY – this deal on wraps is only for those who participated on Small Business Saturday so plan ahead!

Black Friday Wrap Sale

Patronize a Local Biz on Saturday and Get Rewarded for it at Wrap Your Baby

Small Family Business Woven Baby Wrap Sale
It is in the spirit of Small Business Saturday to leave your house, stroll up and down the blocks of your city and walk into shops that are often staffed by their owners who have the time and interest to listen to you, and then passionately and knowledgeably tell you about their products to steer you towards the perfect items for your needs.

When you do, be sure to snap a selfie and email it to to save $15 on a wrap in my store, when you buy on the third shopping day of the trifecta: Cyber Monday!

When you email photographic proof that you patronized a small, local business on SBS, I will email you a coupon code for $15 off any wrap in my store good only on 1 December.  I’d love to be able to see the shelves of the store you are in, or snap a photo with the owner.  And I’d love to know what store it is and what you’re buying.

By sending me the photo, you are giving me permission to share it and any details you choose to share about it on the internet. I will post the photos in a Pinterest album.  I hope to see babywearing in some of the photos, but I am especially excited to offer this discount to those who may not yet have had the opportunity to get a baby carrier!
Wrap Your Baby and Shop Local!

Inanimate Objects: Babywearing Costumes

Another in my series of themed costumes for babywearers.  This post highlights costumes with the baby as an inanimate objects.  You would be surprised at the possibilities when you start brainstorming, and hopefully the pictures of these creative families will get the wheels turning for you!  And be sure to submit a photo of your babywearing costume to my contest to possibly win a wrap!

inanimate object babywearing costumes

Babywearing Costume Contest!

Babywearing Halloween contest

It’s time for the annual Babywearing Halloween Costume Contest on the Wrap Your Baby facebook page!

Share your photos on the wall between Wednesday 29 October and Monday 3 November, and  and I will upload them to the contest album where we’ll see which photo gets the most likes for a free wrap from my store!

Voting (liking) will go from 4 November to 6 November and the winner will be announced on Friday 7 Nov.  The winner is responsible for contacting me as I will have no way to get in touch with those who entered.  Check for a winner on 7 November and PM or email me if it was you!

PLEASE NOTE:  Outfits and traditional clothing from different cultures are not costumes but traditional dress. To avoid any one feeling that their culture is being misrepresented I kindly ask that you refrain from depicting any specific culture and/or nationality or subculture.

You can find more than 50 great costume ideas on my Babywearing Costume Pinterest Board or my recent blog posts sharing Babywearing Animal Costumes Fantasy/Sci-fi Babywearing Costumes and Character Costumes for babywearers.

Go get inspired and start creating!  Let’s have some fun!

Share Your City Groups Giveaway

Each month I give at least one wrap to a Babywearing Group Lending Library.  For September I asked groups to send me a photo of babywearing in front of a landmark in their region, or something that epitomizes the region.  Today, for Share Your City Saturday (International Babywearing Week), I am sharing some of the photos that were submitted and announcing winners!  Scroll to the bottom for winners and enjoy all of the photos along the way!

Babywearing in cities across the globe:

Babywearing in front of the Kelpies in Falkirk in Scotland.

Babywearing with the Kelpies in Falkirk in Scotland – a landmark that represents the engineering famous to this area particularly on the canal and that arts which are a big part of Scottish history. The kelpies were completed last year in celebration of the canal and the renewed industry around them created by the opening of the Falkirk wheel in earl 2000s.  From the Forth Vally sling meet.

Read More

I don’t want to spoil my baby!

You can't spoil a baby by holding it.

If you carry your baby frequently in a comfortable baby carrier, won’t she get spoiled and want to be held all the time?

Well, some babies come already wired to scream whenever they’re put down and it doesn’t take spoiling to make them that way.

Some babies are generally pretty chill.  They dig being carried, and the are perfectly content to sit in swings or bouncers, too.

A better question to ask is:

Is it important to let babies get used to not being held?

Short answer: no.

Long answer: this question is born from the idea that babies’ demands are different from their needs.  But the fact is that at this tender age, babies are instinctive creatures.  They aren’t calculating, they are responding to their needs in the way that evolution taught them to get our attention and make those needs known.

To us. The mother or father.  The person who is mature enough to understand needs and capable enough to know how to satisfy them in an appropriate manner.

Because, face it, babies are helpless:

If you’re hungry, you go get a snack.  A baby can’t.

If you’re too hot, you take off some clothes or turn on a fan.  A baby can’t.

If your nose itches, you scratch it.  A baby can’t.

If you are lonely, you call up a friend or walk into the other room to be with family.  A baby can’t.

A baby is completely dependent.

It’s given the ability to cry – a noise designed to agitate us – as it’s only way to get it’s needs met.

So if you shift to thinking of a baby’s cry as a communication of a very valid need, you can start to figure out what is needed.  And you will find that much of the time, simply picking up your baby satisfies the need.  He or she wants to be held.  Babies are designed to be held a lot for optimum development, and they’re designed to be uncomfortable when they’re not being held. That’s why babies who are held cry less. In 1986, the Journal of Pediatrics published a study in which researchers found that babywearing for three hours a day reduced infant crying by 43 percent overall and 54 percent during evening hours.

Of course, all babies are different.  Follow your baby’s lead.  Evolution (and Scientific studies) may give us the generalities of what babies need, but the specifics are definitely dictated on a unique one on one basis.  If you have a happy and healthy baby, I would argue that you are doing the right thing.

And you know what?  Babies grow up and learn independence when it’s developmentally appropriate, just as they learn to walk and talk and eat food without being taught.  Respect the process.  Respect your baby. He is developing and he will not be a baby forever.

Remember, there is no way for a baby–who is not mobile, cannot work doorknobs or handles or buttons on a thermostat–to be independent.  “Teaching” him not to communicate his needs, that nobody is there to respond to his needs, is not a necessary part of healthy development.

“Don’t stand unmoving outside the door of a crying baby whose only desire is to touch you. Go to your baby. Go to your baby a million times. Demonstrate that people can be trusted, that the environment can be trusted, that we live in a benign universe.” ~Peggy O’Mara

So, will your baby want to be held all the time if he or she gets used to being carried?  Maybe.  Maybe you’ll get spoiled too, by the convenience, the content and quiet baby, and the constant cuddles. Congratulations–you have a baby!  It’s temporary, it’s exhausting, and it’s magical.  There are worse problems.

Babywearing/wrapping demonstrates a loving world.

Babywearing out of guilt or obligation?

I don’t want you to do that.  I really don’t.  I think the best thing you can give your baby is a happy, healthy parent.  You should use a baby carrier because it makes life easier and happier for all of you.  If it doesn’t, chances are that another parent who is experienced with the same carrier can help you learn easy tweaks for making it more comfortable, or more convenient to use.  Look for a local babywearing group, or ask local midwives or visit a La Leche League meeting to find someone who may be able to help.  If there is no local help, you can avail yourself of free online resources like and you can always ask for help or guidance on

I Have Carried You Always

Before and After maternity and newborn pictures.

I have carried you, always.

Before you were conceived, I carried a part of you in my soul. When I met your father, I looked into his eyes and saw the other part of you, and knew you, and prayed that you would come to be.

Before you were born, I carried you in my womb. When you were restless I sang to you and soothed you and told you how I loved you.

When you were born, I carried you in my arms. I kissed you and held you and put you to my breast, so that you would know that there is light and warmth and goodness in the world.

Later, I wrapped you in cloth and carried you close to my heart. I held you close so that you could hear that my heart beats like yours; that we are the same, you and I, and that you would never have to cry alone.

After a while, I carried you on my back, so that you could look at the world with confidence and joy and know that you belonged; so that you could share all of the beauty of the world as an equal to all that live in it.

Now, later still, I carry you when you are tired or fearful. So that you know that no matter how weary you become, or what life holds, you can always depend on others for support and comfort.

When you grow older, my darling, and your adventures take you further from my arms, know that even in my last hour I will carry you. I will carry you in my heart, for you are always with me.

I will carry you, always.

– Christine Maguire
from the Natural Mamas blog

Newborn short FWCC in space goddess wrap

*Beautiful Blair and baby Hudson, photographed by Petal & Vine Photography

Animal Costumes for Baby Carriers

Animal Costumes for Babies for Halloween

Continuing with the costume themes, babies as animals are always cute.  You can go really simple (buy a hat with ears from etsy, or put butterfly wings from the dollar store around your wrapped baby), or really get into it with a full family costume or a glowing jellyfish umbrella!

These are some of the animal babywearing costumes submitted to my annual Halloween contest on Facebook, but there are lots more great costume ideas on my pinterest board! Whatever you decide, be sure to post a photo on my facebook page by Monday, 3 November to be entered to win a wrap for Halloween 2014!

Also see my Halloween Part 1 post: Character Costumes for Babywearers

17 Character Costumes for Babywearers

Literary Costumes for Babywearers

It will be October in a couple of days.  Have you thought about incorporating your baby carrier into your costume?

These are some of the great costumes entered into Wrap Your Baby’s annual Facebook costume contest in years past.  These are some of the “character” costumes inspired by literature, media, even the corn flakes commercial!

You might want to try one of these or you might be inspired to a whole new direction.  Find lots more costume ideas on my pinterest board!

Babywearing Yoga

Yoga Class for Wrapping Moms and Babies

Wrapsody Breeze wraps are thin and breathable so they make excellent wraps for active families with babies.  That’s why, to celebrate Wrapsody’s 10th anniversary, Wrap Your Baby hosted a babywearing yoga class at a local yoga studio and also a babywearing ballet class (more about that in a blog post coming soon).

Some yoga moms find a time when they can do yoga by themselves or without their baby.

Some moms just don’t get a chance to do yoga for several years until their babies have grown up (if ever).

This third option is for moms (or dads!) who want to include their babies or toddlers, or those who don’t get a chance to do yoga without their child, or for the not insignificant number of parents who love finding new activities to engage in with their wrapped up baby – bonus if you can do it with other wrapping friends!

Yoga Pose with Wrapped Up Babies and Toddlers

You can do yoga at home, of course.  Wrapping up your baby for yoga engages both of you and is less likely to result in your baby interrupting your brief yoga session.  She is not bored, or lonely, or needy because she is wrapped on you in this activity.

Doing Yoga with a baby using a woven wrap from Wrapsody.

Chances are good that if you have a mobile baby, that baby will want to get down at some point.  After having been wrapped up, your baby is likely to give you a chance to do a little more yoga while entertaining his or her self.  During a babywearing class, toddlers are likely to spend some time wrapped up and some time out of the wrap moving among the yoga moms and bringing a little extra charm to the activity.  Appreciate it.

Toddler at a Babywearing Yoga class.

There are many yoga poses that are gentle on you and your wrapped up baby.  Regardless of who is teaching the class, pay attention to your own body and your own baby and make sure you know how to use your wrap well so that the carry remains comfortable and safe while you go through your yoga poses.  I especially love how the baby in the orange wrap is doing the pose, too!

Yoga with babies and toddlers wrapped up.

Be present and aware of what will work for you and your baby without discomfort and fear and don’t do anything that you are not both happy with.  Take your baby’s age and development into account.

Mommy and baby yoga position.

Don’t forget your baby is involved with the yoga with you.  Make sure you are tuned into each other and are both enjoying the activity.  Go at a pace you both enjoy.  Do it wrapped up, or sitting on the floor together, or alternating with a little of each.

Relaxing Yoga Pose with Mommy and Baby

Mommy and Me Yoga Class with Babywearing

Adorable Wrapped up Baby Yoga

Babywearing Yoga with baby wrapped on front.

Don’t forget to stay tuned into your baby’s needs whether it’s a fresh diaper (never do yoga with dirty pants) or a nursing break!

Nursing Break during Babywearing Yoga Class

Two babies take a nursing break at a babywearing yoga class.

Any babywearing group meeting – including this babywearing yoga class –  is a great place to make friends!

Toddlers holding hands at a yoga class.

This is Sarah, the owner of the family-friendly Om Sweet Om Yoga Studio in Dunedin, Florida, where you can take your babies and toddlers with you to most any of her daily yoga, ballet, and Pilates classes. Can’t you just see the joy and energy in her?

Yoga Class Teacher with toddler in Wrapsody Breeze Luna Wrap.

In this picture, her toddler has come out of the wrap while she continues to teach the class.  She is using a Front Cross Carry which is an easy carry for a baby or toddler to come in or out of while the wrap remains tied around the parent ready for the next “uppie!”

Babywearing Yoga Class for wrapped up moms and babies.

Wrapped up babies and toddlers in babywearing yoga class.

Beautiful yoga class for moms and babies.

Have fun!

Not Another Mile: What I learned about strength and motherhood when I had less to prove and more to do

Wrapping Family Flies a Kite

Guest Post by Jessica Schaefer

Three months postpartum with my first child, I realized I could not even touch my toes anymore. I had always prided myself on this ability – and I could touch my toes right up till the last month of my pregnancy. So what was up? If this was the post-pregnancy “shape” everyone else was complaining about, I suddenly understood.

Even if the breastfeeding / lack of sleep / lack of time to eat combo ends up all rolling in your favor weight wise, the numbers are probably deceiving. Just try touching your toes. Even if it’s doable, it just doesn’t feel the same.

Sure, you can get a sitter or hope your partner’s hours mesh so you can take an hour or so to hit the gym or yoga class or train for that half marathon you’d always said you’d do. But let’s pretend (ahem) for a moment that I was too busy, too tired, way too unmotivated to do that. It’s not that I didn’t favor a few moments to bettering myself… its just that they came at the expense of time and effort spent pumping breast milk from already overworked breasts, the emotional toll of walking out the door on a schedule when one or both of us didn’t really want that to happen, the need to squeeze in a shower just so I could go work out because, well… newborns.

Let me just spill a little secret here: it’s not magically easier when they’re older. At some point, I bought a pair of good running shoes, and left the house at odd hours to run training runs for that promised half marathon. I did so well with this plan that by the time I was at the starting line for the race, I’d run just over 8 miles total and eaten half of my energy gels as emergency nursing snacks. I ran those 13.1 miles anyway. It was thrilling. And it sucked.

My mom friends gave me that look and told me about joining the gym. Maybe I wanted to drop my kids off with theirs and come sit on some plastic machines in a big room and get it done.

But I’d figured something out between those late night practice runs and that 13.1 mile race to prove I could: I didn’t need to prove anything. And I didn’t need to get any old me back. I just wanted to be strong enough to do what I needed to do, day in and day out, and healthy enough to outrun my kids. I wanted my energy back, not my waist. Well, maybe my waist a tiny bit.

By the time kid two came around, I had less to prove. I already had that half marathon under my belt, and I knew, if that’s what I really wanted to do, I could do it. So instead, our very first week together, I grabbed my woven wrap, wrapped my baby gently, took my toddler’s hand, and headed out the front door.

The amount of time we spent exploring the outdoors, taking short walks, sitting on swings, chatting with elderly neighbors – there’s no way I would have spent that time in any sort of exercise program. But I carried her. Sometimes, once my body was ready, I carried them both. With help from experienced babywearers my wrap no longer looked daunting, and my carries supported my body as well as my child’s.

Tandem Wrapping: baby on front, toddler in back wrap

With my oldest I’d tried to use a stretchy infant-only wrap for way too long, and my shoulders and back and neck felt the pain. I’d promised myself different this time. And so I fell in love with the perfect fit and support of the woven wrap. Nestled close and supported perfectly, my newest became an easy addition to our life.

Comfortable together, we went about life. We danced, we swung, we skipped. We explored new places, baby content on my front, and later my back. Sometimes those were quiet places, like the library or museums. There, she could nurse and sleep, calmed by my rhythm. Sometimes we found ourselves in loud places: street fairs, markets, festivals, playdates. There too, I wore her and she felt safe. When the sun was out, we soaked up the rays, my tiny one protected in her woven wrap and floppy hat and sunglasses.

The benefits of being in nature, of time in the sun, are immense. So are the benefits of skin to skin time. For both baby and parent! The more I wore my baby out and about, the better I felt. I felt healthy – my immune system strengthened, my emotions steady and sure. I felt calm, and my kids were calm.

And when I found myself, at three months postpartum, copying my toddler’s silly dance, I didn’t even notice that I was touching my toes. My body moved easily, strong and healthy from daily wrapping my baby, daily supporting an ever growing and increasing weight. The thought crossed my mind then, another marathon? A challenge of some sort? A gym membership?

But I wrapped my baby on my back, chased my toddler around a field of flowers, lifted her high in the air and spun her around. Later, as we walked along, with my baby on my front, nursing peacefully, my daughter reached for my hand.

“I’m tired, Momma,” she said. I nodded. “Am I too big for you to carry?”

“Not too big,” I said, “I am a very strong momma.”

I lifted her easily, my arms used to the weight, high onto my shoulders. I kissed my baby’s head, held tight to my daughters hands, and headed home.

Woven Wrap for second child

Jessica Schaefer is an adventure lover and world traveler turned parent. Her family run store and blog melds free play, family time, and support for parenting past the baby stage.  If you haven’t met them, you need to hop on over and look around!

Wrapping my Baby after a Broken Back

Active Babywearing: wrapping yoga

“About seven months after my injury I discovered I was three weeks pregnant with my first child.”

Dani’s story: In April of 2013 I was on a climbing trip in Yosemite.  On the first day of the trip, we were bouldering in an area called candyland, and I had a freak fall off a tall boulder. I fell at least 15 feet, and because of this fall I ended up with three compressed vertebrae in my mid back along with many other bruised bones. The bones themselves took three months to heal, but connective tissue and muscles are still being healed, and my back still aches constantly. But I never stopped climbing, because it always made my back feel better.

About seven months after my injury I discovered I was three weeks pregnant with my first child. This was quite unexpected, and I briefly struggled with what to do. Seeing as I am single and still in school studying for a degree in Molecular Cellular biology, I realized that having a baby would be difficult.  I think my mind was made up from the beginning, but I had to consider all possibilities just to be sure.  Considering that many women before me have raised children under much more difficult circumstances, I decided to go through with the pregnancy. I realized that it would enhance my life. I would now have someone to share all my passions with (traveling, climbing, art, science, martial arts, yoga, etc).  I also realized that I would have the privilege of learning to see the world through the eyes of a child once again. It took me less than a day to come to this conclusion.  My boyfriend and father of my daughter supported my decision and decided to stay with me and raise the child together.

Pregnancy sucked.  No two ways about it.  I was anxious to meet littles, but hated the process.  I could smell EVERYTHING (including the hydraulic fluid on the escalator), couldn’t eat anything, was always nauseous, and had no energy. I had pregnancy sickness daily until month 7, but it never truly went away. On top of that I was still working and going to school. It was rough, but I was excited to meet my daughter. I continued to climb throughout my pregnancy. MadRock makes a pregnancy harness. It feels a little awkward, but at least you can climb. This helped my back significantly! Being pregnant and studying killed my lower back and stressed the muscles. Not to mention the hormone relaxin didn’t help any! So thankful that there was a way to continue climbing (even though I was limited to just top roping).  Between climbing and yoga I was able to continue working out and caring for my body and back.

“I came to realize that we women are a lot stronger than we give ourselves credit for.”

Yet labor scared me.  It always has. I (like most women in America) was convinced that labor was a scary thing. Fortunately I had a wonderful support network and was able to get all the info I needed about delivering so that I could make informed decisions about how I wanted to birth. The documentary “The business of being born” was a huge help. At first I wasn’t sure if I could give birth without an epidural since my back still hurt so bad. But in the end I was more afraid of an unnecessary C-section. I came to realize that we women are a lot stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Also, my body knew what it was doing while building the beautiful little creature inside of me, so I trusted that it would know how to properly bring her into this world. Turns out I was right.

On June 22, 2014 I went into labor.  After 9 hours of labor and 6 minutes of pushing a beautiful baby girl entered the world with one hell of an appetite!  Although the labor was painful and the birth traumatic (she had her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck and wasn’t breathing along with defecting in utero) I am so happy to have delivered naturally. It was by far the most empowering thing I have ever done as a women.  I have now officially met the love of my life.

Keeping infant close in a wrap.

I always knew I wanted to wrap Roxanne and keep her close to me. I loved the idea of it! My dad had carried me in a backpack when I was little, and I loved it! The thought of wrapping a baby seemed so wonderful to me! Not to mention, so many cultures do it, so there must be something to it! I obtained a few hand-me-downs before I gave birth: a Seven Sling, a Maya Wrap (ring sling) and a Jersey wrap. I tried them, but nothing quite felt right. One day I stumbled upon the Wrap Your Baby facebook page, which led me to the website where I learned about woven wraps. The possibilities seemed endless! We could do back wraps, front wraps, hip wraps, and nurse in a wrap! After scouring the website I decided to get a Bali Breeze as my first woven wrap. This seemed logical since it was summer and hot here in NorCal, and it fit my budget. After ordering my wrap, I spent my time on the Wrap Your Baby website looking at as many tutorials as I could to learn the various ways I could wrap a newborn. I have been carrying Roxanne since her first week of life, and wrapping her since her third week of life (she got over being carried in a sling real quick), and I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Everywhere I go, she goes. And she readily accepts new places because if she doesn’t like something, she can always just bury her head in my bosom where she feels safe.

Wrapped Baby at Ripley's Believe it or Not!

Later I came to realize that wrapping her was also better for me and my body. Since I am still recovering from my back injury, wrapping has allowed me to actually be able to carry Roxanne for great lengths of time. I can also carry her with me around town while doing errands without having to lug a heavy stroller with me (putting strain on my back).  Just holding her I tend to arch my back and within a short period of time I am in too much pain to hold her any longer. So when she’s fussy and wants to be close to me, I just wrap her up! Then I am able to do things around the house or around town and not worry about carrying her, maneuvering a large awkward stroller, or how I am going to nurse her. I already know.

Wrapping has allowed me to be close to my newborn in a way that would not have otherwise be possible with my injuries. I look forward to sharing everything I love with Roxanne, since she will be right there with me cozy and safe, all wrapped up.


Wrapping baby on back

Dani using the mirror at the climbing gym to get her baby wrapped safely and comfortably on her back.

Hanging Around with Baby on Back

Wrapped up baby adds 12 lbs to Dani's Workout!

Daddy wraps baby

Daddy benefits from wrapping baby, too!

You can learn to wrap your baby like Dani with a woven wrap.  To wrap like in Dani’s yoga and newborn photos (first two pictures), here is how to do a Front Cross Carry.

And to wrap your baby on your back like Dani does in this post, take appropriate precautions (make sure you have help or practice safely until you become expert), and practice the Double Hammock Carry found here.

Wrapsody Anniversary Celebration

Wrapsody's Tenth Anniversary CelebrationExciting things happening to celebrate Wrapsody’s Birthday this month!

  • Birthday Party for Wrapsody
  • Wrapsody Trade-In Program
  • Wrapsody on Pinterest Giveaway

Keep Reading for details!

Breeze Iris, Cool Rainbow Gauze Woven Wrap

Breeze Iris wrap from Wrapsody

10 years ago, Kristi started selling gauze baby wraps in the United States under the name Gypsymama–the only domestic source of quality woven wraps for those of us looking at the time.  Unlike the European wraps, Gypsymama wraps were gauze, which mean cool, thin and perfect for Summer.  READ ABOUT THE BEGINNING OF WRAPSODY.

Now her Bali Breeze Wraps are one of the most popular brands around and I am so pleased to have them available for my customers.  They are fantastic year-round wraps that are also affordable for more families.




On Wednesday, August 27th, local families from the greater Tampa Bay Area will be enjoying free babywearing ballet and babywearing yoga classes at Om Sweet Om in Palm Harbor.  Oh, and free birthday cake, too!  Class sizes are limited due to room, so please register for the classes and if they fill up Sweet Sarah will do her best to add more classes to accommodate demand. Click here, create a log-in and then click on the WORKSHOPS tab to register for one of these free babywearing events.

Our fantastic local babywearing photographer Lee Anne of Petal and Vine Photography will be taking photos which will later be available for purchase if you choose to do so.

And for all of you who are not local and cannot be there in person, if you want to see all of the photos from this event next month, be sure to subscribe to my Wrap Tips newsletter where I will be sharing all of the awesome and the beauty of this event!


Wrapsody Trade In Program for used wrapsIf you are ready for a new color or design in your life, you can trade in your used Wrapsody wrap (no matter how old or which color) and get 25% off a new Wrapsody Breeze or Wrapsody Water Wrap from my store!

Your old wrap will be donated to a charity or a family that could use and will appreciate it so your trade-in will benefit two families.

Just print and fill out this form and mail it back (by the end of August) with your freshly laundered Wrapsody wrap to:

Gypsy Mama, LLC
PO Box 382
Berwick, ME  03901

Trade-in wraps must be postmarked between 1 and 25 August and must be received by 31 August to qualify.

Wrapsody Breeze Wrap Pinterest Giveaway



Pinning a picture of a Wrapsody Breeze or Wrap DuO water wrap this month could win you a $100 gift certificate to anything in the Wrap Your Baby store.

Click here to learn all about the giveaway and how to enter!