Christmas Wrapping (Not Just for Presents)

5th January, 2016 / Parenting & Baby Tangents / No Comments

Babywearing families navigating the Christmas Holiday :

Newborn in baby wrap while mom holds toddler on Santa's lap

Sometimes Santa needs mom’s help to make toddlers feel safe. Wrapped newborn baby for the win!

Picking Out a Christmas Tree with Wrapped Baby

Wrapping baby up on the Christmas tree farm!


Baby wrapped at night to see Holiday LIghts

Wrapped Up under mom’s coat for Christmas Lights.


Baby wrapped on mama's back in beautiful snowscape

Enjoying the snow together with baby!


Wrapped baby and wrapping presents with toddler.

Sharing traditions with a 2 year old is easiest with new baby sister wrapped up snug and content on mama’s chest.


Decorating the tree with baby and toddler wrapped in woven wrap back carries.

All the kids want to help decorate the tree – luckily mom knows how to keep baby content in a back carry while dad wraps up the toddler so he can reach the higher ornaments!


Baby sleeping in a back carry in front of the Christmas Tree

Christmas is exhausting! Wrapping helps little ones feel safe enough to catch a nap in the midst of the season!

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