Natibaby Wool Wrap for Summer

9th September, 2015 / Wrap Your Baby Business / 1 Comment
I donated a wool Natibaby wrap to the Babywearing Group in Augusta, Georgia, with the request that they try it out in the Summer and tell me if the rumors are true: is a wool wrap really breathable and (relatively) cool in hot weather?
Here are the responses from members of the Augusta Area Babywearers:

Woven Wrap with Snowflakes

“Thick but not too heavy. I had this wrap in fall and it was perfect. Not too hot at all. Loved the way it wrapped, it got me hooked on baby wearing!” Kaitlyn G.

“This was the first woven wrap I ever used, and it got me hooked on baby wearing! It is thick enough to not be diggy but not too bulky either. It was also surprisingly cool!” – Becca S.


“This wrap is crazy soft! I got so many compliments when I wore it. I don’t have any other wraps to compare it to, but I loved how heavy it was without us getting too hot.” – Kelli M.
“This wrap is so very soft and cozy, “marshmallowy” is a fitting description. I didn’t want to give this wrap back, I was happy to reach for it over and over. It is a bit hotter than 100% cotton at first, but makes up for that by not getting any hotter while wearing. I wrapped with this every day the first week of June, even going outside mid-afternoon, and we didn’t get sweaty or uncomfortable. The thickness was great, not unwieldy and no digging. Slip knots were super easy because of how silky smooth the material was. My baby and I both loved this wrap, I’m pretty sure we both wish we owned it!” – Mary C.


“This wrap was surprisingly comfortable during these hot summer days! Very supportive and easy to wrap with. I definitely wouldn’t have considered a wool before this, but my mind has been changed.” – Felicia D.


I tried this wrap at the beginning of summer and it was not too hot. I found that it was nice and soft. This wrap also is slippery so you have to be ready for some settling and re-knotting. It has definitely opened my eyes to wool not being just a cool weather wrap.” – Kalsie M.


“I really liked this wrap. It is so soft and pliable. I love anything wool in general, so I may be biased. It was super easy to knot and as cool as can be with a multiple pass carry. We never got sweaty or uncomfortable while wearing this. I was surprised at how thin it is compared to my cotton/hemp blend. If washing were easier, I’d jump on the wool train right away.  Sleepy dust for both my 2.5 year old and my six month old.”
– Revellee M.


“This wrap is ALWAYS checked out in our lending library!! Thank you so much for donating it to our group!! ❤” – Erin from Augusta Area Babywearers


Natibaby Wool Blend Wrap with a Toddler

Natibaby Wool is super soft and supportive for big kids, too.

Click here to buy a wrap. Thank you for your business! This is how I support my family. - Diana ❤️

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