Bomba Dance with a Baby Wrap

Dancing Bomba with baby in a wrap

Wrapped up in a Barefoot Rainbow wrap while dancing barefoot with the Bomba drum.

Bomba is a traditional Puerto Rican dance derived from the island’s African, Spanish, and Taino cultural influences.  The dance is named for the drums – bombas – which follow the improvisation of the dancers in an energetic dialogue as the drummer responds to the gestures, moves, and swirling skirts of the dancer:

Babywearing Bomba Dancing

Wrapped Up Baby and Bomba Dancing

Bomba Dance Skirts Swirling

Babywearing Bomba Dance

Barefoot Rainbow Girasol and Bomba Dancing!

Wrapped up on mom dancing.

Bomba Dancing with baby

Bomba Drummer

Jessica drums to the rhythmic dancing of Asia and baby Esmé in a woven wrap.  If you enjoyed these, you can see more about their art at Bomba Body Dance and Drumming Co.

Photos by Petal & Vine Photography.

The earthy rainbow wrap Asia and Esmé are wearing is called Barefoot Rainbow and is a Wrap Your Baby exclusive design handwoven in Guatemala by one of Girasol’s weavers.







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