5 Tips for Babywearing Breastfeeding

5 Tips for Babywearing Breastfeeding in Your Baby Wrap

Babywearing Breastfeeding Tip #1
Learn to Nurse & Learn to Wrap

For successful babywearing breastfeeding, first establish a successful breastfeeding relationship. Learning to nurse in your carrier is a complication that need not be added until you and your baby have found a comfortable and workable breastfeeding routine. After all, this is a matter of your baby’s health and well being. So give yourself some time to get that going well before you add babywearing into the equation. Read More

15 Ethical Easter Treats for Your Easter Basket

Ethical Easter Treats for Easter Baskets

Ethical Easter treats mean the kids are happy while we use our dollar to vote for the kind of world we want them to grow up in.

I’m making it easy for you to keep Easter ethical, and a little healthier, too with:

  • Easter chocolate that was not produced by child labor
  • all natural Easter candy with no artificial ingredients
  • spring themed toys and jewelry so your kids don’t go crazy on too much sugar!

Plus, these 15 suggestions are all found on Amazon to make Easter shopping easy and painless for you! Read More

10 Best New Baby Books for Children

10 Best New Baby Books to read with your toddler

Preventing New Baby Jealousy Part 1

The 10 Best New Baby Books
for Children

Reading these new baby books together is one of the simplest things you can do to prevent jealousy over the new baby.

Reading books together helps in two ways:

  1. Builds excitement for the coming baby and
  2. prepares your child for the changes coming so they won’t be a shock.

Small children like routines. They like knowing what to expect.

A newcomer will soon be getting most of mom’s or dad’s attention. That is going to be a shock.

It’s a BIG change in routine. Read More

Admire Your Own Parenting

Most of us are our own harshest critics.

And no wonder – we struggle daily to keep our patience under the duress of our children’s inexhaustible attentions and simultaneously rail against anyone who loses patience with our dearest darlings.

But what would happen if you shifted from being your own critic to becoming your own cheerleader?

Give Yourself Credit for Good Parenting

Read More

Poppable Carries with a Woven Wrap

Poppable Carry in a Woven Wrap
– as Fast and Easy as a Ring Sling

Poppable Carry to Use Your Woven Wrap Like a Ring Sling

When you learn a poppable carry with your woven wrap, you get the same functionality as a Ring Sling!

Many parents love Ring Slings for quick errands. This is because you can quickly slip on and adjust a Ring Sling. This ease-of-use makes them popular for a day that will have a lot of ins and outs such as errand day or any day when baby rides in the car between several stops.

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Wrap Your Baby Goes to Puerto Rico

Wrap Your Baby, Going to Puerto Rico

We’ve all heard about the devastation in Puerto Rico and I #CantDoNothing so while I don’t have much that I can donate materially or financially, my husband and I are able to donate our time and physical effort.

Our 3 kids are no longer babies and we have grandparents that can take our children for one week.

Our home business is our family’s sole income. This means we have the flexibility of saying we’re taking a week off. It also means we rely on the income from our business every week so here’s the plan: Read More

Enter My Babywearing Costume Contest 2017

CLICK HERE for the 2019 Babywearing Halloween Costume Contest!

Mary Had a Little Lamb Babywearing Costume

Creating a costume that plays off the baby carrier is one we babywearing parents cannot resist! We get to show off our ingenuity and our babywearing skills; we get to reap all the benefits of keeping baby content and comfortable in the extra excitement of Halloween night; and now there is the added incentive of entering your babywearing costume in my contest to win a free woven wrap!

Over the years that I’ve been running this contest, I have amassed what I believe to be the greatest collection of babywearing costumes known to the internet. Read More

Rainbow Baby and Pregnancy Loss

Guest Post by Kita Wolfe for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

Roses, Smitten Wrap, Locket

When asked about our current pregnancy and why we call her our rainbow baby, I can’t help but wish that I could just walk away sometimes. But most of the time, I’m open and welcome to sharing a small part of how this baby came to us. A simple “we lost babies before her, she’s our rainbow after the storm!”, is usually how I leave it until they ask more questions. 


Often, I’ll run into another mother who has recently lost a pregnancy and feels comfortable with sharing that information after I share mine. It makes me want to bawl.  Read More