Valentines Day with Small Children

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How to celebrate Valentines Day with Small Children

How to Celebrate
Valentines Day with Small Children

3 Tips in this Blog Post Will Change Your Valentines Game:

  1. easy Amazon Prime gifts to order in advance
  2. trade babysitting with a friend
  3. dates when you can’t get a sitter

Read on for all the details to make V-Day easy for you!

Have a Thoughtful Gift Ready

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You can celebrate Valentines Day with small children because those little kids do not stop you from surprising your love with a token of your feelings!

These peppermint chocolates can arrive very quickly. And VERY IMPORTANT WITH ANY CHOCOLATE, they are fair trade, meaning no slavery (child slavery or otherwise) was involved in the making of your romantic treat:

If you have a bigger budget, this beautiful bouquet with classic red roses for passionate love . . . will make you a hero and having kids doesn’t get in the way of its arriving!

For something more unique, try this amazing set of tealight candles that look exactly like succulents!

Or would your significant other love this Groot flower pot? 😮

Give your significant other starry eyes by picking a gift that is specific to their interests.

Are you in love with a writer or someone who likes to journal? Try this beautiful journal and pen set:

Or if your partner relaxes with sketches or adult coloring books:

And if you are animal lovers, find a silver pendant or charm that matches your fur baby from the Magic Zoo:

Camera charms or a lens travel mug are thoughtful gifts for a photographer:

Babysitting Trade
so you can go on a date

You can celebrate Valentines Day with small children by leaving said children with a trusted adult.

But if you don’t have a budget for the babysitter, how do you celebrate Valentines Day with your Sweetie?

One idea is to trade babysitting with a friend or neighbor who also needs a few hours. Maybe you take a friend’s kids one morning or afternoon and that friend takes your kids’ the next.

Or if you are in the same neighborhood, you can leave your kids at home with your spouse while you go stay at her house with her sleeping kids so she can have an evening out. Then she or he does the same for you.

How to Carve out Time Two
around your children

And if you want to celebrate on Valentines Day and can’t find someone to stay with your kids, all is not lost!

It might take a little more creativity, but it is possible to carve out some time alone together:

Valentines Day with Small Children When You Don't Have a Babysitter

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