Poppins Carry with a Woven Wrap

All About Poppins Carry for #WrapLingoWednesday

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definition and origin of Poppins Carry

Poppins Carry <noun> a hip carry that surfaced in 2007 when Louise shared pictures of her new wrap in her favorite hip carry. While the wrap was nice, everyone wanted to know what that carry was and how she did it!

Not surprising because Poppins Carry is very distinctive and doesn’t look like any other carry.

It was something she made up on the fly. With a woven wrap you can tie it however you want as long as baby is safely positioned and the wrap is secure and comfortable for baby and wearer.

So Louise obliged with photos and instructions and the Poppins Hip Carry was an instant sensation.

Usage Notes: comfortable hip carry that is good for leaners (pass spread high on baby’s back prevents baby from being able to lean back away from parent) and distributes weight to the wearer’s waist.

Poppins Carry is a favorite for wrapping photo shoots or for showing off both sides of a wrap with contrasting sides!

Can be used with a newborn, centered on the chest rather than on the hip.

To be used as a hip carry once your baby is sitting unassisted.

Derivation: from the United Kingdom, in use since January 5 2007, named after the mom of six who first shared her favorite improvised hip carry on TBW and upon request shared pictures and instructions on how to do it. Poppins was her user name on TBW. Here is the original post on The Babywearer where this carry first saw the light of day.

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Poppins Carry, when, why and how to do it with your woven wrap

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