How to do an Easy, Free Advent Calendar of Books

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Advent Calendar of Books

Advent Calendar of Books

What’s great about the Advent Calendar of Books besides how easy it is and that you don’t need a budget, is that it can be customized to your family’s seasonal traditions very easily.

You can use Religious books, Santa stories, Winter books, or a combination of any appropriate books that you like!

Look for my list of great kids books for various winter holidays coming in next blog post.

What You Need for an Advent Calendar of Books:

All you need for an Advent Calendar of books is wrapping and 25 books.

You can buy the books. Amazon Prime will get them to you quickly.

BUDGET HACK: Instead of buying the books, you can use books you already own, and supplement with books from the library. If your library lends for only a couple of weeks, make sure to schedule the library books for early in the month and use the books you own for the latter half!

Many libraries lend for a month so if you check them out on 26 or 26 November, you can return all but the last couple of days on time!

ECO HACK: Instead of using paper wrapping paper, use wrapping cloths (you can often buy fabric scraps from thrift stores and reuse these for gift wrappings throughout the year). Or use kids’ artwork that you’ve been collecting all year and wondering what to do with all of it. Scotch tape the pictures together to make pieces long enough to wrap the books.

How to Make an Advent Calendar of Books:

  1. Collect 24 or 25* Christmas Books.
  2. Wrap each one in wrapping paper.
  3. Put a number between one and twenty-five on each book.
  4. Stack them in order, with 25 at the bottom and 1 at the top.

*I personally like to have an advent calendar that goes up to the 24th because on the 25th we have Christmas Morning and that’s enough!

How to Use an Advent Calendar of Books:

  1. On 1 December let the kids unwrap the book labeled 1.
  2. Cozy up on the couch (preferably in front of a fire with mugs of hot chocolate) and read it together.
  3. On 2 December, let the kids unwrap the book labeled 2.
  4. Cozy up as you did with #1.
  5. Repeat each day until Christmas!

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Advent Calendar of Books

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