Housework and Woven Wraps

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Housework with a Woven Wrap

You got your wrap and now it’s easier to care for your baby (and yourself). There’s less crying in your home and everyone is happier.

Babywearing for the win!

Is it possible that there are more benefits that could be had from your woven wrap?

Is it just possible this wonder cloth might also help you do something about:

  • toys all over the room?
  • stacks of laundry (unwashed or unfolded)?
  • dishes piling up in the sink?
  • and dust bunnies in the corners?

Oh, yes, mama (or papa)!

Here are some tips for babywearing housework:

First you need a baby carrier that is truly hands free because it holds your baby securely against you, because it doesn’t sag or stretch out, because baby can’t lean out. Enter the woven wrap (my fave).

If your woven wrap is not holding your baby securely, please email me for troubleshooting help!

Secure and hands free babywearing in a woven wrap

Wrapping your baby up gives you back, not only your hands, but your mobility. With a baby sleeping peacefully on your chest, you can move around freely to pick up the livingroom and do other chores.

You may be able to wash a few dishes with baby wrapped on your front. But reaching around a baby seriously limits your reach.

Similarly, reaching into you washing machine will be difficult with baby wrapped on you front. You can probably load a washer fine, but reaching in to fish out the last few socks will be challenging.

Bending to pick up items is also less than easy in a front carry, though it can be done.

Learning a back carry will seriously up your housekeeping game!

Try Back Wrap Cross Carry (BWCC) which is a lower back carry and very comfortable for all the movement that is entailed in housework.

Back Wrap Cross Carry for Housework

Some people like using Back Wrap Cross Carry (BWCC) as a first back carry to learn because you can do it with a knot at the chest that helps to hold baby in place while you do the rest of the wrap job. Here’s Wrapping Rachel demonstrating BWCC with a chestbelt:

If you have a short wrap, try Double Sling Carry. Here I was using a very short (size 2) wrap in a Double Sling Back Carry to clean my house when Annabelle was little:

Sweeping While Babywearing

I hope this helps. Get wrapped up. Go forth and get done what you’ve been wishing you could get done!

And let me know how it goes!

Gardening with Woven Wraps

Click here to buy a wrap. Thank you for your business! This is how I support my family. - Diana ❤️

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